INKredible Labels for the INKsessories!

 In Art Journal, Jane Davenport Mixed Media

I wanted to pop these up for you – they are the labels I made for my own INKredible tools. I just wish I remembered to take a photo when they were pristine and unused – lol!
All you need do is drag them on to your desktop, then print them on a sticker sheet and cut out or tape them on to your tools.






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  • Deborah

    thank you Jane for these cute labels

  • kreationsbykimberly31

    Thank you so much for your creativity, passion for art, and sharing rainbowitis with the rest of the world!

  • jenny

    Thanks Jane!!!! I’m going to use them on the gold-mermaid-scale fountain pens, I plan to fill them using the converters, and eventually have all the colors in the same gorgeous gold mermaid scale pens. I think it will look inspiring and yummy to have all the same looking pens in a cup filled with your inks! I love the scents! Can you make a batch of edible inks? LOL!! The hot cocoa is very tempting to “sample” Love these inks 🙂 the new yellow and orange + 2 thumbs up!!!

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