Blog Hop Friday – and Squid Ink!

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One of my greatest joys is designing creative tools for artists.
And then it’s just so inspiring for me to see them in use!

In this Blog Hop you are going to see some wonderfully talented people and their inspiring process using elements of my brand new Artomology Collection with Spellbinders.


Please jump on to:
Courtney Diaz
Zinia Redo
Kate Palmer
Mona Tóth
Anna Komenda
Angela Tombari

But first!
I want to do a few little High kicks for Squid Ink!

You can find the Squid Ink here:


Here I am using them in my Stamp Journal:


The Playlist for all of my Artomology Collection is here:
click here

Here are some featured videos from the wonderful Blog Hop artists!








That’s a lot of joy!




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  • katrinaespejo16

    love her collection. love her artwork. so beautiful.

  • sharon.gullikson

    I love your faces stamps, etc. I bought a whole bunch of your products because I just fell in love–even your book. The new faces are wonderful…

  • norahmcphee5

    Hi Jane,
    Love how you have designed these ink pads, so that they all stack on top of each other and you can still see what all the colours are. I know there are a lot of ink pads out there that stack, but you can’t see what the colours are without taking the stack apart(just my own personal little moan, sorry). These also look as if they will fit in my arthritic hands that sort of go into one position all on their own, lol, ouch. I hope that your hard work gets the recognition it deserves flower and enjoy your success,
    Norah, Glenochil,Scotland

  • kimberly.goodrow

    Hi Jane! I love seeing all this artomology in one place! Thanks for the “hop” and have a great day!

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