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Interweave have put together a sweet collection for my book,  Art Lessons and  6 of my favourite watercolours from Daniel Smith!

It was very hard to select only six of my favourite  colours by the way. The range of Daniel Smith Watercolours is HUGE and they are all pretty amazing… but I went with three of the colours I replace most often in my own palette ( Buff Titanium, Moonglow, Sleeping Beauty) and then added three colours that do fancy tricks on the paper.

Cascade Green and Lunar Blue develop into split hues as they dry (you have to experience that  to understand the joy it brings!). And Rhodonite is a pink that you can take from  blush to Flamingo to Mary Quant just just with how much water you use with it.

Watercolour is so , so, so wonderful, and these particular DS watercolors are delicious with a capital D (for Davenpeep, lol!).

  • Buff Titanium
  • Rhodonite Genuine
  • Moonglow
  • Lunar Blue
  • Sleeping Beauty Turquise ( actual crushed turquoise from Sleeping Beauty Mountain – hello!)
  • Cascade Green

I know you may already have my book ( because you are wonderful!) but you could gift it to a special friend.


It’s an amazing, beautiful, sweet Collection!

And the best part is, at retail the Collection is US$ 188
and they are $99 now!

Click here to go see:

Jane Davenport’s Whimsical Faces in Mixed-Media Collection

IF you are in Australia – we have the Daniel Smith Watercolours here: click


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    I feel sure I am not at the right place but I didn’t want to click that I left a comment and not leave one so…. thanks BUNCHES Jane for the wonderful interview today at Irreversibly Moi. Wow – so fun and amazing and inspiring. I feel sure that I need all of your workshops – I’m not good at faces yet!!! But the one that sounds the most intriguing to me is the “Print +Scan” workshop. I have never heard anyone talk about this aspect at all – it would be a tremendous blessing to hear about this. Sincerely, Joi

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