Take a journal on a journey…

Konnichiwa Friends!   I want to say I JUST GOT BACK FROM JAPAN, but let’s be real here… I got back a few weeks ago and it’s been GO GO GO ever since!   Steve and I [...]

Journal Covers – Using the JDMM Face Stencil!

I KNOW there are a number of you gorgeous Creatives out there that have this face stencil! Has she been calling to you? Has she been waiting to be put to good use?   Well, I created this [...]

RULE OF 3’s- art journal spread TUTORIAL

G’day Creatives!   Staring at a blank page in your journal is scary right?   Well, not ANYMORE! For just 4 easy payments of 9.95… haha   No, there’s no catch [...]

It’s a DAVENPartY!

So, I was sitting on the couch feeling very thankful for the way this year has been developing (mostly in part to my growth within this fabulous Creative community we all share in)…   [...]

DIY Journal Covers

G’day Creative friends!   Who’s been feeling too intimidated to paint the cover of their gorgeous new JDMM art journals? (*raises hand…)   Well, I was thinking of a [...]

JDMM Shadow Box tutorial!

G’day friends!   This tutorial is just as straightforward as the mosaic one (but a little more fun I think!)   Shadow boxes are a great way to bring all of your practice in your [...]

JDMM STAMPS – flip book tutorial

G’day Davenpeeps!   Go get your rulers out, we’ve got flip books to make!   They’re a lot more simple than they seem, you just need 4 pages, a ruler and your JDMM [...]

QUICK + SIMPLE mosaics… with James

G’day Friends!   I’m BACK! This time the tutorial could not be more simple and effective, I promise!   PAPER MOSAIC!   This is an incredibly easy way to add a WOW [...]

All the ways to Butterfly a BUTTERFLY BOOK! – with James

G’day Friends!   So, I’ve been struggling to become a ‘planner’… No surprises there! But I still LOVE using the Butterfly Effect books, so I’ve been using [...]

Brush Stroke Mermaid TUTORIAL

G’day Friends!   So we all love mermaids right?   Today I’ve got a fun and simple tutorial for you lovely Creatives looking to add a bit of mermaid magic to your art [...]

She leapt off the page…

G’day Friends!   I’m so excited to finally share this project with you! It’s been a very intense labour of love!   I’ve been having a ton of fun creating with [...]

Creating with JDMM Stamps

G’day Friends! Today I’ve got a few tips and tricks to share with you on how to create fun and unique faces with your Jane Davenport Mixed Media stamp set. The video will go through a [...]

Butterfly Effect Book- DIY INSERTS!

G’day Friends!   So we’re all loving our Butterfly Effect Books, but if you’re anything like me you’ve probably been too timid to start drawing on that great quality [...]