Take a journal on a journey…

Konnichiwa Friends!   I want to say I JUST GOT BACK FROM JAPAN, but let’s be real here… I got back a few weeks ago and it’s been GO GO GO ever since!   Steve and I [...]

Journal Covers – Using the JDMM Face Stencil!

I KNOW there are a number of you gorgeous Creatives out there that have this face stencil! Has she been calling to you? Has she been waiting to be put to good use?   Well, I created this [...]

DIY Journal Covers

G’day Creative friends!   Who’s been feeling too intimidated to paint the cover of their gorgeous new JDMM art journals? (*raises hand…)   Well, I was thinking of a [...]

JDMM Shadow Box tutorial!

G’day friends!   This tutorial is just as straightforward as the mosaic one (but a little more fun I think!)   Shadow boxes are a great way to bring all of your practice in your [...]

All the ways to Butterfly a BUTTERFLY BOOK! – with James

G’day Friends!   So, I’ve been struggling to become a ‘planner’… No surprises there! But I still LOVE using the Butterfly Effect books, so I’ve been using [...]

Creating with JDMM Stamps

G’day Friends! Today I’ve got a few tips and tricks to share with you on how to create fun and unique faces with your Jane Davenport Mixed Media stamp set. The video will go through a [...]