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Beautiful Faces is going ‘Live’ as a workshop on June 12th.

That simply means that a big group of us all join together and go through the workshop like it’s the first time! There are no set times you need to meet on-line, no regimented structure, but the group energy is certainly inspiring! Our private Facebook group comes alive with artwork from fellow creatives all over the world. It gives extra incentive and joy!

If you already a member of the workshop, you are invited to join in as well (and there’s no extra cost -Lifetime Membership privileges!).

The Online Workshop brings my #1 best-selling book to life! As I created “Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces’ I filmed the whole process.

We dive deep into the book and then journey even further!



These are the main topics in each Lesson Art Materials,
organisation and Warmup Sketchercise™!



 Lesson 1:

Small Faces we start small and introduce my Longitude & Latitude exercises to get the basic face turning easily!

bf-title-twoLesson 2: Grand Scale

My FACE MATH™method will help you set a foundation. I also go into T’he Details’ of Eyes, the Nose and Lips.

bf-title-threeLesson 3: Shading

How to add volume, depth and a hint of realism!

bf-title-fourLesson 4: Hair (yes, finally a whole lesson on hair!)

I have some handy techniques for my trademark flowing hair, plaits and Up-do’s!

bf-title-fiveLesson 5: Layers

Let’s mix it up with watercolour, acrylics and ink and use each to our advantage!

bf-title-sixLesson 6: Collage and Wild colour

Collage is a liberating way to start a face! Art born from bits and pieces of your life have an extra richness of meaning.

bf-title-sevenLesson 7: Turned faces and adding Movement

Artwork with a subject that looks like you captured them as they are on their way somewhere engages us because we don’t want to miss out on anything!

bf-title-eightLesson 8: Smooth vs painterly!

Creating Burnished porcelain smooth skin and painterly portraits.

To Purchase and find out more:



What you need to do:

Leave a comment below about
how often you get your art on.

I want to know how you squeeze
your creativity into your life!

That’s it. That’s all you need to do.


The winner will also get my ‘Next Steps’ Journaling Kit!
You can see all the goodies it includes here!


Tinsel the Pomeranian will be our judge.
and she will have a winner for you next week!

Leave your answer below and good luck!



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  • Clara Lanz

    Definitely not as often as I should. I have to be honest. What is even sadder is that it is not a matter of lacking the time. It is a serious confidence issue. I have almost all the items of the Jane Davenport Michael’s line sitting in a basket, waiting. A run through your course would be a great confidence builder, motivator, and kick on the butt!!! Thanks for providing this great opportunity. Love your style!

  • Tammy Smith

    My husband and I just finished opening 3 businesses in 2 years. I helped with the build out, decorating, stocking and staffing. It was quite daunting. Fortunately, I can now step back and let my husband and staff run them. I have finally found my art room, and try to spend at least 3-5 days a week creating something. It is just the therapy I have been needing! I have purchased the new Jane Davenport watercolors, and absolutely love them. Not entirely sure what I am doing with them, but love experimenting and trying new techniques!

  • Mary

    Hi Tinsel (and Jane!)! I am LOVING my JD supplies, and also happen to be a fellow Pom-mom! Sadly our last (of 5) Poms passed away two months ago, at age 16 1/2. That was Sweetpea. We also had Sparky, Darcy, Oliver, and Archimedes! I’m a senior citizen on a fixed income and would just love to win such a wonderful and generous give-away! I try to do a drawing a day – getting better! Thank you for offering this. Got my fingers crossed that Tinsel will pick MY name!

  • Joni M

    I have such a demanding job that the most I can muster creative-wise during the week is flipping through magazines or pinterest and dreaming about what I might do. The only time I can actually get hands-on is on the weekend. I enjoy my weekend creative time. It’s a real stress reliever.

  • Liz Vellali

    Thanks for the giveaway and chance for a scholarship. I try to live my live creatively. I find inspiration in my surroundings…I connect with my daughter and friends through art….It is a daily process for me…

  • Marga

    Oh I get so Jealous when I read these comments. To be honest, I would love to be creative every day but I am so lucky when I have time to be creative in the weekend. And I cannot seem to squeeze time into every weekend. Being a mom of three girls, started my own business, working at the same time and going to school every other weekend to become a great therapist makes my spare time very little… But I love what I do and I love being creative. And when I do take time, it is all about me-time! The give-away would be an awesome gift…

  • Michelle Liptak

    I try and do something creative every day. That might not mean I actually get to paint or draw, but sometimes just cleaning up my supplies is therapuetic enough for me at that time. I feel like I need to at least be touching art (if that makes sense) so even shopping for products feels creative. I also have two seperate art traveling kits (a smaller and larger), and I always take one or the other with me if I’m going somewhere away from home. I’ve always loved to hand write everything from grocery lists to tracking food when I’m dieting. It drives my husband crazy with all this modern technology right on our phones, but I guess that’s just another way for me to be creative and doodle while doing all the mundane, everyday tasks in life 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  • Jaratzed

    I do draw/craft when I can. When I feel sad, I try to do something to make me feel better. I have hard time with my life. I feel like time is running out. I don’t know how to solve that. I can try to think positive. I know art can help. That’s what I am trying to do. Thank for the chance.

  • Kate Arkane

    Hello Jane & Tinsel ❤️
    I would be forever creating if you pick me for the BF scholarship & Next Steps Journaling Kit giveaway!!! Live workshop sounds exciting! Every technique you have described here I want to know how to master. I love this giveaway!!
    I art as often as I can now I’m apart of the JD peeps, it inspires me to make time cause others have. If you do something that makes you happy, you will find time for it, yes? I have always liked drawing faces, I don’t know why but it makes me happy. It’s my down time, I get inspired by something I find I like, quick sketch that takes minutes or a paint that I come back and finish over days that’s like a urge I can’t ignore. Thats it! That’s how I squeeze it in! xx

  • Nina

    I try to do something creative daily. For example I have been writing “morning pages” lately and as a part of that, I do also some sketching. One of the most luxorious moments in my life are those I can spend drawing, painting and artjournaling in a room of my own, where I am surrounded by all my art supplies. This doesn’t happen as often as I wanted to, but everytime – aproximately twice a week – it happens, I’m grateful and happy. And lately I have tried to learn to draw everywhere. I keep my sketchbook and Inkredible pen with me all the time and draw something for example while waiting when my son is taking piano lessons and so on. I’m so happy I found you Jane <3 I'm so grateful of the Joy and Happiness of Drawing You're spreading all over the world. And I'm really looking forward the day I can buy your wonderful art supplies in some local store here in Europe.

  • Vi

    I have art books lining my shelves, I attend workshops when I can and am able to afford it (which isn’t that often).. whether that be watercolour, pastels, oil paints, mixed media etc. There’s no one form of art that I like above the other. I follow so many artists on Instagram as I love the beauty in their work and it inspires me to take out my art journal and just draw and paint. I haven’t had as much time to devote myself to art as I would like, but in the interim I just soak up everyone else’s artwork and continue to be inspired.

    I am going through a period of self reflection as I am going through a few things in my personal life. So I’ll be finding solace and myself again in art.

  • Robin Turner

    I do some form of art every day. I have loved art my entire life but over the last year and a half I have really focused on growing and developing my artwork. (Even if that means sneaking some time in while the kiddos are eating lol) I have learned so much and look forward to learning even more!


  • Perla

    Me please, me please, me please. At the young age of 51, I left my administrative role, falling off the brink of “sanity” (as we know it 😉 ), merrily watching my “Super Woman” cape, which had whipped about me for a many years, slowly losing it’s hold. Finally, the storm caught the cape and sent it to the cliff tops, blowing it into the sharp rocks, ripping it to pieces. With me, left drained, low functioning and gripping on above the ledge myself. A place I am glad to say I am well back from now, a year later.
    For so many years, I have prioritised everyone else in my life, with lots of love and creativity, and damn hard work. We built our own home, landscaped our huge gardens, and nurtured our boys into fine young men … all in a creative form. With the odd bit of doodling, painting on scraps of paper jammed in between the busy-ness.
    For me, now, I know, no matter what, I can not live without being expressive on paper, in books, on canvas. Every day, I MUST and I DO something, this is my happy place and has helped immensely in my healing, being in a place I was born to be.
    Jane Davenport’s Beautiful Faces was my first purchase and I have loved, loved, loved journeying through this book, creating the most gorgeous creatures, so that they make my heart sing. I would so love to join in with Jane in a “live” on line course and take my expressions further, the time is now for creative growth and pure pleasure.
    Of course, as I am currently not employed, nor have I quite worked out how to create an income – yet! – I am in a situation where to receive a scholarship would be AMAZING!! Whilst I am sure so many women (and chaps) are deserving, I just must say I would LOVE to be the recipient of a scholarship with Jane D and join the “Davenpeeps”.
    Yours in creativeness, in truth, and gratefully, Perla xx 🙂

  • Mary Beth Bartholme

    I tote my book, drawing pad and a small selection of watercolors and pens to work with me every day. When my lunch break rolls around out come my supplies (and sometimes when it’s just plain slow too…) I also have a goal to create for at least two hours each Saturday and Sunday. Art is my therapy and stress relief. Plus, I am IN LOVE with Jane’s style and techniques!

  • Susanne Rector

    Being a Graphic artist, I stare at computer screens – a lot! – and I hate that swirling beachball (I’m a MAC user) – when I’m home – it gives me the perfect opportunity to do a sketch or drawing, while my computer is thinking. I call it ‘I just need to put some paint on paper’ it acts like that steam release valve on a pressure cooker.
    Most days, I try to do something like that every day. Yes, I have larger pieces I work on with focus over a period of time, but I love my little ‘beach-ball’ sketches – usually faces – hah =)
    As I’m currently stuck in the dough-eyed face – meaning all my faces seem to be having the same expression and I have a had time with angles, I would love to learn more and Jane’s course seems to hit the nail on the head! Would love to win a scholarship!

  • Kimberly Kalil

    I create pretty much every, single day. It was my goal for 2017 and I’ve found leaving my supplies out and ready to go has made it much more doable.

  • Nancy

    Jane, you are so right when you say that art brings joy! Your talent and ability to teach it to others, as well as your generous and kind spirit are so inspiring! My mother was like you, a natural artist. She drew the old Mighty Mouse cartoons, and Betty Boop. I treasure her drawings. I never felt that I could draw as well as she could, but your wonderful way of teaching, has made such an amazing impact on my life! I am truly enjoying my time drawing and coloring my artwork, everyday. My daughter absolutely loves your gorgeous work and is experiencing joy with it too!! I hope to win this scholarship. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  • Mariko

    Hi Jane! I TRY to create art every day- even if some days it is simply a little doodle or making swatches of my latest art supply acquisition. I never thought of myself as a creative person until I stumbled upon your products at Michaels- I was just dawn in by your artwork and went home and googled you! I have been completely inspired by your message that art is for everyone, and your mixed media products and online workshop have been a wonderful set of tools to get me started on my own art journey. Thank you!

  • Leslie Hart

    Hi, I’m a mother of two awesome little girls that love art as well! Our favorite time to create is when we are supposed to be cleaning the house we find ourselves sneaking down into the studio to start up painting and drawing and gluing! Clarissa is 7 and Lula Mae is 3.5…we make books, paint with watercolor and acrylic and glue, glue, and glue some more! We work with glitter, all sorts of paper, old books, string and yarn, and sometimes sand! We love our little creative nook in the basement but will soon have an awesome clubhouse custom built by daddy to play and do art in anytime we want…especially when there’s housework to be done! 😉 Thank you for this opportunity! Leslie Hart

  • Allie

    I love to watch and follow along with art videos late at night when everyone at my house is sleeping and I can finally hear myself think again.

  • Teresa Mees

    You inspire to create daily! I have always had a strong need to create, and have pursued nearly every “womanly art” that exists… a couple of years ago, I even taught myself tatting! But nothing has led me to my inner unicorn the way you have, and it all started with an impulse purchase of “Beautiful Faces.” I have taken a couple of your other workshops, and they add so much depth and fullness to your written word that I can never wait to save enough money to enroll in another.

    Why do I have such a strong need to interpret and create inner and outer beauty? I had a horribly disfiguring facial tumor when I was a child, and while it has been reconstructed to the best degree possible, I by no means fit the definition of classic beauty. Additionally, I am a breast cancer survivor, and after double mastectomies am definitely appreciative of beauty in all the forms it takes. I am at peace with all of this, and view the world with a sense of wonder and magic; however, I’ve always searched for ways to express these feelings creatively.

    And (because I am especially fortunate), I also have multiple sclerosis. MS makes me tired, it makes it hard to do the things I used to do, it made me have to stop working outside the home. It makes me prone to occasional bouts of depression. And it makes it difficult to explain to my school-age boys what is happening to me. On days that I can’t do anything else, I can sit and I can paint. I can paint my fantasy world, I can draw the world I see, I can sit and create with my children, spending invaluable hours with them. And at the end of the day (or week or however long it takes me to finish a project), I can look at my work, and I can look at my boys, and I can feel joy. I can say to myself, “This got done.”

    Thank you all, for the incredible gift you have already given me.

  • Katy Abbott

    On the days that I work I try to prep a journal page or canvas in the morning so it’s dry by the time I get home. I try to work on backgrounds when I only have 10 minutes and save faces and other details for when I have more time on the weekends. I leave all my supplies out so I don’t have to spend time taking them out or putting them away. I have a family who is supportive and understands letting me create is good for my mental health and theirs!! Ha ha!

  • Simone

    My husband, daughter and I have moved from Victoria to Adelaide as my father in law has early onset Alzheimers, and my husband is an only child. I was a teacher in Victoria but I am home schooling my daughter now. She is 16 and very self sufficient so I have a lot of time on my hands. Time is a commodity I have never had a lot of before. I was quiet good at art in school but lacked confidence. Then I found your book. I borrow an e copy from my library constantly, when it has to be returned I put another hold on it! Winning would mean the world as I don’t have the money to purchase a copy or to participate in your online classes yet(though I am saving hard). I draw and write every single day. It makes even the darkest day bright, those who have experienced a loved one with Alzheimers will know there are many days like that, dark, when everything feels hopeless.I love the way that your book is designed and I have watched every single free lesson I can find that you have done. You make me laugh, smiling and laughing is the best medicine. My husband and daughter think I’m and ACE artist I need to work on believing them!Thanks so much Jane.x

  • Michelle Wilton

    I am a single mother of three primary school aged kids so life is super busy but I try to fit in as much time as I can muster between the chaos. My daughter has started to join me which is priceless quality time together. I am in awe of your work and want learn your art. Money is tight but I’m saving for this workshop. A scholarship would mean the world to me!

  • Tanya Hubbard

    I’ve started art journaling and watercolouring because of your products – they’re just beautiful and I try and do some form of art every day 🙂

  • Maria Soto

    I work full time at a gallery, I am surrounded by art all the time when I get home I spend time with my honey, not until he goes to bed then I work on art in my studio. Which is around 10 p.m. for about 2 hours. I try and work on art 2 to 3 times a week. I is hard sometimes because I will have a creative urge and have to hold it till I can work on my art. Holla!

  • Nerissa

    I was one of those people growing up saying I couldn’t draw & I couldn’t paint. I actually used to say I didn’t draw faces either! In the last 8 years I have been able to knock down quite a few of those “I don’t/can’t” statements.
    Art is now a part of my everyday life. I am supported by my husband to follow my dream & build my art business. Ever since I found your art supplies (via a FB post from Christy Tomlinson) I have been so inspired by your book, the FB page, your design team’s tutorials, your website & your supplies as I’ve been able to gather them. I would love the opportunity to take a class with you & other students.

  • Raquel Arenas

    Well first of all I want to not only thank Jane Davenport, but also my teacher who both inspire me everyday to always pursue my dreams and through art I feel like I can just let go and not have to worry about what people will say. Growing up I used to hate art because I wasn’t very good at it and it wasn’t really taught in school (even though it should be), but me and my mom started to look at drawings and we stumbled upon Janes work. I was mind blown on how you can see through her art that she is telling a story. Some days she’s happy and the next she’ll be sad. And thats what I want to do. I want to inspire people with my art and to never be afraid of what people will think about. I’m just begining to start my drawings and I know that I’m no da Vinci or Picasso or Frida Kahlo or even Jane Davenport, but I try everyday to at least draw what I know is beautiful to me. And I hope will eventually be beatiful to someone else. If I win this it would mean the world to me because you have no idea how many times I make my mom drive me to Michael’s to see if Jane has any more supplies she realeased out to the store. But it’s pretty expensive so I’ll just stare at them and hope that one day I will get some of my own.

  • Kelley Fewer

    If I don’t have some creative time, time just for me, each day, I am one cranky momma!! It’s in everyone’s best interest to leave me alone for a few minutes each evening, so,I can unwind from the day, and art out any bad moods leftover from the day, so that I can focus on my family.

    It’s like breathing…

  • titataire

    I’m a new Davenpeep and my goal is to journal everyday even if all I do is swatch my new JD watercolors, pens, etc. I just purchased supplies this past holiday weekend in the US, so I have a lot to swatch. Thank you for the opportunity to join your class.

  • Brianna

    I work at a residential treatment facility for children and adolescents. I recently started art journaling as a way to unwind from my day. It has been such a major help and I find your work, as well as your Davenpeeps, to be so inspirational. I am so grateful to you and your peeps and would love to join one of your classes.

  • Vicki Oler

    Once upon a time, long ago I was very creative. I crocheted, I drew, I loved to make all kinds of artsy craftsy things. I took classes on painting ceramics and porcelain. I even was lucky enough to be invited to teach fabric painting classes at Michael’s, and did that for about 2 yrs. I loved it. I was part of a creative writing and critique group.
    My husband passed in 2002 – I had 2 young children to take care of, so my creative outlets slowly went by the wayside. In the last several years I have begun to do art again. A friend and I painted on rocks – very different but fun. Another friend has had a couple of “Art” weekends – these have all served to awaken my creative soul – which has been in hibernation. Then in January- I saw a new and interesting display in Michaels. What first got my attention was the Inkcredible Pen. Had to have it for journaling. I went home and googled Jane Davenport. OH MY GOODNESS!! I was so excited. I had to wait for pay day. The wait was so draining. LOL I wanted to get stuff right then. As soon as I got paid and then paid bills I went to Michael’s, to shop. There wasn’t much there to choose from,;-( It turns out I was not the only one in Love with Jane Davenport goodies. I picked up some washi tape and another Ink Pen.
    Since then I have acquired the Mermaid Markers and some of the stamps. I have been watching lots of videos and joined the Facebook group. I have been drawing some, but I am still working on letting it all just flow and not worrying about mistakes or Oops!
    I would love to be part of a workshop that would help me draw faces better and gain some confidence in my talent. Thank you.

  • Maria

    I art a 2-4 times a week, and am still not confident with faces and collage. I give my all when I art, and leave part of myself on the page, I do not think I could or would want to do it any differently, but I would welcome more structure and guidance/suggestions.

  • JeMaria Ware

    I try to get some art in everyday. I have two boys 5 yrs old and 9 yrs old who both have Autism so plans often change and adjustments need to be made. My 9 year old love to draw and paint so through him I have learned to love it again. It has really helped us bond and communicate better.

  • adele

    Since I lost my job recently, I am sketching everyday to try and catch up with everyone who started around the same time as me – their improvements are so inspiring to me and show me what dedicating time to art can do to your skill.
    I already have the beautiful faces book but can’t afford the workshop just yet so this would be a great treat for me now that I have free time.
    Big pets to Tinsel for luck 😉

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