World of Me

My super-adorable 7 year old niece was given a big assignment to complete over her school holidays. She was to decorate a box and fill it with things from her life. She was allowed to get help [...]

Dye-ing of love

I am just starting a new journal… it’s a cute little thing I got on Etsy from Paperfetish Designs. It’s handbound, with watercolour paper inner, and a canvas cover lined with [...]

Making Faces in Sydney

My mum used to tell me to “be careful making faces, because if the wind changes, you will get stuck like that.” This was an actual concrete fear of mine… I believed her for a [...]

New Video Tutorial on Stencils!

I have been meaning to do this for aaaaaaages – and now It’s here! A video on how to use my New Jane Girl Series Stencils! they are available here: [...]

Overwhelm is a form of Panic

I wrote the following blogpost at the beginning of the year, and then felt it was too personal to share. Now I am coming up to the third week of Mermaid Circus and I think that this post could be [...]

Stencilicious Winner Announced!

Tinsel has read all the wonderful comments left here and this was her favourite: ” Dear Jane,  Tinsel is so beautiful and the best dog ever. You should give her a chop.” I was a [...]

Wonderful Weekend

The First weekend at The Nest was so much Fun. I had a lovely time fussing around and getting everything all pretty for my guests. Things didn’t stay tidy for very long! Especially when I [...]

I think I melted into my Art Journal

I wouldn’t be the first person to say they need a holiday to get over their holiday, right? But my holiday wasn’t stressful and spent rushing from landmark to cathedral to monument [...]

Instagram: Bali Art Journal

Bali Art Journal : Jane Davenport I started this during the retreat…it’s sunset now… Time to wander down the steps (of hell as my Escape Artists referred to them as!) to the [...]

SUCH a tease!

I am joyfully hard-at-work getting all the videos done on my upcoming workshop ‘Express Yourself’. It will be the first in the Artini series and is about drawing emotion. Adding depth [...]

Wild Girl and snake

Lots has been happening at ‘The Nest’ – there has been a lot of ART going on for a start. I Heart Drawing, my figure drawing workshop, is off and running at a million drawings [...]

In art, nothing is wrong, so I can't fail.

I step into my studio each day not expecting to bring out any masterpieces. That is not my purpose. Instead I hope to find places to start, ideas to continue and the inspiration to strike out [...]

Zentangle Untangled Welcome!

I met Kass Hall last year as fellow exhibitors at the monster Papercraft Show in Brisbane. I fell in love with her ( although she will kill me for saying this) and her Mum. They  are funny, bonza [...]

Colour loving Sparkle Tart

Look at this video my lovely and super-creative friend Kate Palmer created ( otherwise known as Sparkle Tart!) featuring one of my stamps. I have to get me some of that Delicata Ink … looks [...]

A Colourful Life

Art Expo went by in a whirl of colour… I lost my ‘Peerless Palette’ (click here for awesomeness) in the Great House Move of 2012, so I had to make a new one. I took the [...]

From the Ministry of Last Minute Decisions.

I am sure other people must be more disciplined than I am. I seem to make plans, I love making lists. I enter to-dos in my ipad, keep up the electronic diary, and mark the whiteboard calendar [...]

Why I love Craft Shows!

  Angus and I have just had three fab days at the Brisbane Scrapbooking and Papercrafts Show followed with only a day’s space by the Sydney Craft and Quilt show.  All this hard on the [...]

An Art Journal Q&A by Dawn DeVries Sokol

An Art Journal Q&A by Dawn DeVries Sokol click here: I met the delightful Dawn at the Play retreat in January, and we [...]

The doors have been flung open, there is fairy dust glimmering everywhere, the fairies are giggling …or is that me and my awesome students? Oh how I love them! This week we are starting on [...]

PrismaDonna and the Royal

It’s been non-stop since the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show! Angus and I had a quick  1 day pitstop to see the furbabies ( heart warming reunion for all concerned !) and have a surf! I [...]

Art Journalling Exposed giveaway!

If you are visiting on the Blog Hop, join my newsletter ( see the button in the sidebar to the left) to win a copy of the new ( and totally awesome) Art Journalling Exposed emag! Leave a comment [...]

Some numbers

Its April 1st, and a few exciting numbers are happening… I think my YouTube Channel will hit 90,000 views today – we had a little party when it got to 10,000- I’m thinking I [...]

Joynal Invitation

So… the sign ups for Joynal have been fluttering in thick and fast! httpsv:// Here is a video to get you inspired and fluttering on into what is going to [...]

Joynal is here!

Joy-nal: Creating your own fairy tale. ‘Live Class’ Starts;  April 30th 2012 Registration open now! 8 weeks of magic, shimmer, drawing, painting, creative support and fun. As with all [...]

Cloth Paper Scissors has a new baby!

Art Journaling exposed is a brand new emag… and I am in it! I did a video review for some of my favourite ‘Hybrid’ art supplies – Aquamarkers, Gelatos and Inktense blocks. [...]

Lots to do!

Angus and I are just back from the Craft Show in Sydney… I love talking to people about Art Journals and drawing ( and art supplies of course!). I am always a little surprised that not [...]

Travel Art Journal

httpsv:// I hope you find this travel Art Journal inspiring… I just loved creating it. L.O.V.E.D.  It’s a Work In Progress…. I am adding anecdotes and bits [...]

PLAY video

httpsv:// Elisabeth is singing throughout – isn’t she amazing? She performs with Leopard Print Tank Top in San Farancisco… what a star… very, very cute [...]