I think I melted into my Art Journal

I wouldn’t be the first person to say they need a holiday to get over their holiday, right? But my holiday wasn’t stressful and spent rushing from landmark to cathedral to monument [...]

Instagram: Bali Art Journal

Bali Art Journal : Jane Davenport I started this during the retreat…it’s sunset now… Time to wander down the steps (of hell as my Escape Artists referred to them as!) to the [...]

SUCH a tease!

I am joyfully hard-at-work getting all the videos done on my upcoming workshop ‘Express Yourself’. It will be the first in the Artini series and is about drawing emotion. Adding depth [...]

Wild Girl and snake

Lots has been happening at ‘The Nest’ – there has been a lot of ART going on for a start. I Heart Drawing, my figure drawing workshop, is off and running at a million drawings [...]

In art, nothing is wrong, so I can't fail.

I step into my studio each day not expecting to bring out any masterpieces. That is not my purpose. Instead I hope to find places to start, ideas to continue and the inspiration to strike out [...]

Zentangle Untangled Welcome!

I met Kass Hall last year as fellow exhibitors at the monster Papercraft Show in Brisbane. I fell in love with her ( although she will kill me for saying this) and her Mum. They  are funny, bonza [...]

Colour loving Sparkle Tart

Look at this video my lovely and super-creative friend Kate Palmer created ( otherwise known as Sparkle Tart!) featuring one of my stamps. I have to get me some of that Delicata Ink … looks [...]

A Colourful Life

Art Expo went by in a whirl of colour… I lost my ‘Peerless Palette’ (click here for awesomeness) in the Great House Move of 2012, so I had to make a new one. I took the [...]

From the Ministry of Last Minute Decisions.

I am sure other people must be more disciplined than I am. I seem to make plans, I love making lists. I enter to-dos in my ipad, keep up the electronic diary, and mark the whiteboard calendar [...]

Why I love Craft Shows!

  Angus and I have just had three fab days at the Brisbane Scrapbooking and Papercrafts Show followed with only a day’s space by the Sydney Craft and Quilt show.  All this hard on the [...]

An Art Journal Q&A by Dawn DeVries Sokol

An Art Journal Q&A by Dawn DeVries Sokol click here: https://www.createmixedmedia.com/blogs/journal-fresh-jane-davenport I met the delightful Dawn at the Play retreat in January, and we [...]

The doors have been flung open, there is fairy dust glimmering everywhere, the fairies are giggling …or is that me and my awesome students? Oh how I love them! This week we are starting on [...]

PrismaDonna and the Royal

It’s been non-stop since the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show! Angus and I had a quick  1 day pitstop to see the furbabies ( heart warming reunion for all concerned !) and have a surf! I [...]

Art Journalling Exposed giveaway!

If you are visiting on the Blog Hop, join my newsletter ( see the button in the sidebar to the left) to win a copy of the new ( and totally awesome) Art Journalling Exposed emag! Leave a comment [...]

Some numbers

Its April 1st, and a few exciting numbers are happening… I think my YouTube Channel will hit 90,000 views today – we had a little party when it got to 10,000- I’m thinking I [...]

Joynal Invitation

So… the sign ups for Joynal have been fluttering in thick and fast! httpsv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9a-7AlPgmw Here is a video to get you inspired and fluttering on into what is going to [...]

Joynal is here!

Joy-nal: Creating your own fairy tale. ‘Live Class’ Starts;  April 30th 2012 Registration open now! 8 weeks of magic, shimmer, drawing, painting, creative support and fun. As with all [...]

Cloth Paper Scissors has a new baby!

Art Journaling exposed is a brand new emag… and I am in it! I did a video review for some of my favourite ‘Hybrid’ art supplies – Aquamarkers, Gelatos and Inktense blocks. [...]

Lots to do!

Angus and I are just back from the Craft Show in Sydney… I love talking to people about Art Journals and drawing ( and art supplies of course!). I am always a little surprised that not [...]

Travel Art Journal

httpsv://youtu.be/8KB184VybGo I hope you find this travel Art Journal inspiring… I just loved creating it. L.O.V.E.D.  It’s a Work In Progress…. I am adding anecdotes and bits [...]

PLAY video

httpsv://youtu.be/P0cVvnXn67k Elisabeth is singing throughout – isn’t she amazing? She performs with Leopard Print Tank Top in San Farancisco… what a star… very, very cute [...]

Preparing for Teesha Moore's Artfest Annex

Wow, 2012 is upon us! It’s time for me to start preparing for my trip to Seattle in a few weeks. I have managed to put it out of my mind to a large extent. That’s been a neccessity so [...]

Start The Art

If I only had time, you think. Time to draw or paint or journal. To just play. You DO have time: Right now. Creativity isn’t far away, or outside of you, or laying somewhere forgotten. [...]

Escape Artist Retreat – Bali

In 2011 I recorded and broadcasted my online class ‘Supplies Me’ direct from Bali : ‘Island of the Gods’. In September 2012 you have the chance of joining me in tropical paradise for 7 days of [...]

Art Therapy and the invention of Artbooking

I participated in an Art Therapy group class last year. It was fun, illuminating, sometimes a bit emotional. I had a few artistic breakthroughs and can only recommend it. On Saturday, I went to [...]

My Art journal studio

Time for a little tour of my mad art lab!         I am having some time off before my next online class starts on Monday, hanging out with my little nephews and niece… [...]