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Oh my oh my oh my!!!! My first Amazon review has appeared! It was a good one and helpful to other readers. After years of seeing the bizarre, sometimes cruel and odd reviews left on some of my favourite book titles on Amazon in amangst the 5 star reviews, , I was secretly dreading the ‘The Reviews’ for my own book.

But I had a good chat with Seth Apter at ‘Art is You’ earlier in the year about such things, and I think he really did help me mentally prepare for them ( I think) . (hmmmm, really?. ). ( probably not).( lol!).

Anyway, I am taking screen shots of the good stuff and will try and focus on the AWESOME!  Let’s start here with the tooting of my own horn:

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 8.11.16 am

#1 baby! # 1 and 5 stars  under my name. GLOWING.

AND the  barrage of tooting continues:

My book has moved up to #1 in Mixed Media – HELLO?  What?!  I am going to faint. Of delight.

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 7.43.03 am

THANK YOU to everyone who believed and trusted in me, and ordered my book.

I went all out creating my book. I photographed every picture, wrote every word, designed the whole thing and created all the artwork in it. It was an intense, amazing experience. Oh , yeah and I filmed it all too as I created it, for the Online Workshop. So the book feels like a very important milestone.

If you have my book and enjoyed it would you leave me an Amazon review too? I would love you so hard!

Especially if you could point what you found most helpful or your favourite parts of the book. That way it is helpful to other readers.

You can click this image to  leave your review!

Don’t forget, you can order signed copies from my store.
I am the only one who has them in Australia … they won’t be available here until late April.

Thank you again for your support – you ROCK!



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  • Lisa S

    I got the book a few days ago, it’s already released in Sweden. I love it! It’s great, and suddenly painting faces is so fun again!

  • Shelley Yoshiwara

    I just recently discovered you from mentions in a Christy Thomlinson video, then you popped up in the line up on life book 2015 looked you up and ordered your book and it came the other day and it’s fabulous!! I love how you explain what all the supplies are used for, your instructions and your colors are luscious !! Digging in with it!!

  • Kiara

    Congrats, Jane! I love every page of your book, you simply ROCK!!

  • JS

    Congrats! I’ve left my review and I’m happy to give back after learning so much from you. 🙂

  • Bethany Friend

    I just wrote my review this morning, and within an hour I received an email saying that my review had helped someone in making their decision about buying the book (I guess someone ticked the box saying it was helpful), so, reviews help people 🙂 spreading the love 🙂

  • Elsie

    Ooooooo! More Happy Dance here in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, USA! The FedEx truck just pulled up at the end of the driveway! Your book Beautiful Faces landed in my outstretched arms, oooooo, love it! Love all the way to you in Australia!

  • Elsie

    WooooooHoooooo! Happy Dance for you! I always learn soooo much from you! So..no wonder others are excited about the book! As I’m in USA, I preordered a copy through Amazon when you first announced it, Can’t wait for my copy to arrive!

  • Jo-Anne

    Thank you Jane for giving me the skills and the confidence simply to try. To make me smile and trust that putting (Prismacolor) pencil to paper I will discover all sorts of people and mermaids that come out and play.

  • Terry Segal

    Break out the smelling salts! I’m sure you will continue to get 5 star reviews and glowing comments so bright you’ll have to don sunglasses! The world loves you, Jane!

  • Patricia Houston

    Congratulations, Jane! I haven’t received my copy yet but will review. And if you do happen to get any one-star, so what. Someone always has to hate . Just remember, you’ll be in good company. Jane Austen has nor-stars for crying out loud! And WE love you.

  • Jennifer Edgar

    So excited for you Jane and well deserved enjoy the success as you have earns it to put a book together like yours is full of giving and love Yay !!!!!!!!

  • Kate

    congratulations! I love the book, mine came directly from you, not through Amazon, but I will add a review there… I love everything you do and your book is awesome!

  • Dawn

    Congrats! Can’t wait to get my copy! It has shipped!!!!!! 🙂

  • Robyn Wood

    So well deserved Jane! Congratulations! So happy that others are enjoying your book as much as I am and it is lovely to see all the ‘Jane love’ and whimsical girls online as more people discover you. The book is simply breathtaking! The look of the art and design of the pages, the feel of the paper and the size all add to the beauty. The instructions are easy to read and straightforward to follow – it is almost like you are there beside us. #knewitwouldgettoNo1

    • Jane Davenport

      would you mind putting that on Amazon beautiful Robyn? Looooove!

  • Beachblythe

    Can not wait for my book! Amazon notified me yesterday that it was on the way.

  • Donna Walsh

    Number One Book , Number One Artist , Number One Person
    Of course !!!

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