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Ever since I found out Mermaid Markers are dye based, I have wanted to try them on eggs. I am delighted to report that they work beautifully!
All you need is Mermaid Markers (or Inkredible Inks), Jane’s acrylic stamps, and of course, eggs! If you want your creations to last forever, remember to blow and wash your eggs. Now crack your knuckles and get ready to hatch some creativity.
 Start with a simple ombre technique. In a palette or other shallow container that fits your egg, add some Mermaid Markers in dark and light colors. Here I’m using Conch and Lobster. You can thin them 50/50 with water and they will still be vibrant.
Dip the upper half of your egg in the light color and rotate it gently for even coverage. Turn the egg over and repeat that process in the darker color. The dark color will spread into the still wet lighter color for a gorgeous watercolor wash effect.
Once you master the ombre, you can add designs in gold for a faberge aesthetic. I like to use a thin coat of cold wax medium on the first layer of Mermaid Marker ink (Bali Blue and Sandbar) to keep it from reactivating when I add more. Here I’ve also used my Falling Star Mermaid Marker directly on one of the eye stamps from the Mandala acrylic stamp set. I apply the stamp to the egg without using an acrylic block, so it follows the curve of the shell.
My absolute favorite technique is a resist. I ink a mandala stamp with embossing ink while it’s still on its packaging, and then roll my egg carefully across the surface. Use a light hand!
This is the perfect opportunity for your favorite extra-vivid inks–for me, Squid Ink and Gills. Areas covered by the embossing ink will stay strikingly white.
I’m not sure how I ever dyed eggs before Mermaid Markers came along, and I hope this post has incubated some bright ideas for decorating your nest. You can use the ombre, design, and resist techniques in limitless combinations–and don’t be afraid to add Confettisue and rub-ons, or try your eggs with Jane’s marbling kit!
Hannah Sheehan is an artist and educator in Springfield, Missouri.
She posts her creations at HannahSheehan.wordpress.comFacebook.com/HannahSheehanArt, and @HannahMadeIt on Instagram.
Thank you Hannah for sharing your ideas!
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