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Giggling watercolour


I love my Twinkling H20’s watercolour paint. They are so sweet! I started out with 6…and then…well…I ended up with a whole lot more!

Anyway, because the manufacturers,  Luminarte, went through a little difficulty, I thought I best get a few more colours before they disappeared forever.  And since completing my collection, I have hardly used them! Poor little things… 🙁

The little pots are such a hassle to uncap, recap, hydrate, organise into the colour wheel ( yes, I have a disorder called rainbowitis, where colour must be in order… )  blah , blah, blah!

In a shelf reorganisation a few weeks ago,  I noticed how sad their little faces all looked…just like all paint, they want to be used! So, I thought, “lets make you lot easier to get along with”.  So their tops came off (woo!), a wooden panel got made and painted (having a willing husband with a fully equiped wood workshop is the BEST!), the little pots of delight got stuck on – and voila – a rainbow of ready to paints!   eeeeeeeeek! Woooooooo! yaaaaaaaaaaaay! and other assorted squeals of delight. 🙂

Now, I just mist the paints with water before I wet my watercolour paper, and by the time I’m ready to paint, the Twinkling H20’s are juicy and ready to go. Can you hear them laughing and giggling and carrying on it their little pots? or is that me laughing and giggling and carrying on?

I have used them many times since their change. And there are times when I just pull them out to look at them now. Yes, true.

x Jane

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