INKredible Gouache!

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Inkredible… Gouache?!

Have you ever had the delight of using an art supply you created yourself? We don’t all get to create our own line of beautiful media like Jane, but you can use her goodies to make your own. The intrepid artists in the Jane Davenport Mixed Media Facebook group (which you really ought to join) have used Inkredible Inks to make custom acrylic paints, alcohol inks, and watercolors in Janetastic hues! I’m here to show you how to do the same with gouache.
Gouache is similar to watercolor, except it dries mostly opaque, with even color coverage. It comes in every color under the sun, but you only need one tube of white to make a panoply of perfect pastel tints.
You’ll also need your Inkredible Inks, something small and smooth to stir with, and a little container for your paint. I’m using an empty watercolor half pan. 
​Put a dollop of gouache in your container. Don’t fill it to the brim–give yourself room to add ink and stir!
Add a generous amount of Inkredible Ink. Here I’m using Blueberry, which makes the loveliest periwinkle after it’s mixed.
Use your stirring tool to gently mix the gouache and ink until it’s well blended. The color will lighten dramatically, and you’ll have some gorgeous marbled swirls at first, like tiny colorful latte art.
With all that ink, they’re bound to be a little soupy, so give them a few days to set up before popping them into your favorite tin. (Magnet tape turns any tin into a palette or glue on Slim mighty magnets)


Top row: Lemon Sherbet, Fresh Orange, Frida. Second row: Violet Syrup, Blueberry, Fresh Air, Mermaid’s Tale. Bottom row: Limeade, Tinsel, Hot Cocoa.
Hannah Sheehan is an artist and educator in Springfield, Missouri. She posts her creations at, and @HannahMadeIt on Instagram.

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  • jenny

    ohhhh my goodness! this is brilliant!! can you still smell the scents from the inks? i must do this….luvLUVluv! thank you for sharing and inspiring me 🙂

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