Have you ever had the sneaking suspicion that you may actually be good at drawing given half a chance? If only you had someone to support and show you the secret skills you know must be out there!

My wish for you, is your creativity to be roaring with confidence. My e-courses are so popular because I really can help make that happen ( it’s one of my super-powers, but more on that later).

want to feel more creative?

“If I only had time for that part of yourself”, you think. Time to doodle, draw, paint or journal. To just play. You do have time: Right now..

As a creativity expert who has guided thousands of women back to their art,


I say start with drawing.


You do have time: Right now.

Creativity isn’t outside of you or laying somewhere forgotten.   It’s only a small inner click away, a heart-shift from now, a joy that wants to make its way from the heart of you and down through your hands and into the world.

All I ask is that you to TRUST the mess and fold yourself into the PROCESS. Most of all you need to forget trying to be PERFECT.   You may be surprised at how nourishing feeding your creativity is and just how easily it fits into your life!


Because it is meant to be there.

beautiful, creative, you. she’s important.


If online learning doesn’t appeal to you right now, maybe my book and art supplies will suit you better?

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You learn, have fun and save $!!

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