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Convey a whole range of human emotion into your mixed media portraits!

Express Yourself is an in-depth online Workshop that  explores how to successfully convey a whole range of human emotion into your mixed media portraits.  In this class I show my secrets for creating beautiful and expressive faces, full of feeling !

There are 9 Lessons!

Each one has a multitude of emotions to explore.

lesson 1. getting started

Preparing your Express yourself journal and creating a helpful ‘Emotion Map’!

lesson 2. expressions gallery

Building on The Emotion Map from lesson one we start to flesh out detail in quick sketches.

lesson 3. pouts & puckers.

It’s all in the lips

lesson 4. expressive and realistic eyes

A lesson involving socks and a lemon that will have you looking at eyes in a whole new way!

lesson 5. growing up

Take a face from childhood into adulthood.

lesson 6. tilted down faces

Downturned faces can evoke gentle feelings of shyness or being coy, wistful, dreamy or sleepy.

lesson 7. subtle changes

The power of eyebrows!

lesson 8. chin up

Determined, haughty, arrogant and beautiful upturned faces

lesson 9: laughing

Everyone loves a happy ending!

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