Cushions, Bags, Rugs!

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Visit the Jane Davenport Society6 Store for my artwork on a range of gorgeous items! The quality from Society6 is great. The tote is my favourite journaling bag – ever! I have dragged it all around the world with me, and just pop it in the washing machine for a spruce up if needed.


And this is the Rug and Outside Pillow….on my Studio Daybed – a perfect space for dreaming…





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1 review for Cushions, Bags, Rugs!

  1. Alishadinapop

    Hi, when i click to see Jane Davenport society 6 to shop for some gorgeous cushions for my art space it says ‘page not found’…. a little help? is there another place where i can find a store to buy these amazing items from?

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