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Clear Journal Covers

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Freshly imported direct from Japan!

The Clear Cover is a great way to protect  Journals.  After all the time I have spent working on them and in them, I want my books to be protected, and nothing does as well as these wonderful, slip-on covers.

They really are CLEAR!

There are 5 sizes:

A5 318 x 223mm  –

B5: 389 x 265mm –

AB: 450 x 268mm –

A4: 460 x 315mm –

A4+ ( or A4 PLUS) : 495 x 315mm – Perfect for the JDMM Large Hardbound Art Journal



I use the A5 for Journals I make from A4 sized paer and small altered books:

I use the B5 for my altered vintage children’s books:

I use the AB for my Teesha Moore “Amazing Journal’ sized journals:

I use the A4 size for my thinner A4 sized Journals:

I use the A4+ ( or A4 PLUS) size for the large Hardbound JDMM Journal  and and Altered books:

The Clear Covers create a pocket at the front and back of your Journals for storing ephemera and loose sketches:

Sometimes the covers are not a perfect fit, so I trim them by cutting them to size with scissors.

For larger books I combine two covers and save the spare plastic for another book.

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Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 1 × 25 × 40 cm

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