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Ink Mixing Bottles | Add pigment, gum arabic & make inks!

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Mix your own inks
Clear plastic so you can see your mixes
Paint from the bottle or use for storage
Label to make them fun!
Thin Nozzle makes refilling tools easier!

These bottles are fantastic for making your own ink mixes!

To make your own ink you need:

  • Pigment Powder; such as WMC Neons or Fairy Dust.
  • Gum Arabic ; this is what will make the pigment ‘stick’ to the paper.
  • Water; Distilled water ( the type you put in an iron) is chemical free

The process is simple:

  1. I use the Treasure Measure to add equal amounts of Gum Arabic Powder and Pigment to the bottle.
  2. I add water to the half way mark
  3. shake to mix
  4. test on paper and add more pigment if you want a stronger colour, or more water if you want the mix lighter!

Ways to use your new Ink:


Optional extras:

  • add a tiny drop of clove oil to your mix as an anti moulding agent
  • add a Mixing ball to make it easier to agitate the ink


Watch the video!

What Jane says

Don’t forget to label your mixes!

Use the Swatch out stamp labels for instance:



Or get creative with WaShe tapes!

What you might like to know

make a collection of inks and keep them in lovely containers:


Weight .01 kg
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 5 cm

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