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Mister Write | Mini spray bottle and pen

From USD $2.55

Fill with all sorts of inks!
Spray your gorgeous colours
Lovely fine mist!
Mist up to 10ml of ink
Write with the Gel pen!


We totally did not anticipate the demand for Mister Write and it sold out very quickly! We have more on the way.

A small yet mighty mister at one end, and a gel ink pen at the other!

Each Mister Write holds 10ml of ink. They are PERFECT for inks you use every so often, or if you have a tonne of inks, and you need to make some space on your desk!

Load them with Creative Juice, INKredible Inks, Gods & Monsters ink or whatever concoction you create!

Sprays are a wonderful, free-spirited way to apply colour, and the more you have the better!

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What Jane says

Mister Write holds 10ml of ink. This makes them a perfect storage solution when you have a lot of inks!

  • I put inks that I use in small amounts in the Mister Write.
  • My most used inks go into the Muse Mister.
  • My watercolour sprays, or diluted inks go in the Goddess bottle.

Fill them with INKredible inks, Creative Juice and Tattoo Inks!

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Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 5 cm
select quantity

1 x Turquoise Mister Write, 1 x Pink Mister Write, 12 x Turquoise, 12 x Pink Mister Write

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