Making Faces Velvet Pastels

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Just a tiny dab of this intensely pigmented, creamy gel pastel to your artwork adds a magical touch.

Apply the 9 colors to artwork with your fingers or Baton Blenders.
Dries down to a divine, ultra-matte, waterproof and velvety finish.


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Store in the Palette Hotel!

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Velvet Pastels

Make It Reign, Noble Red, Rose Empress, Neon Queen, Pink Princess, Monarch, Blue Blooded, Ice Palace, Throne, The whole set!

2 reviews for Making Faces Velvet Pastels

  1. jennie (verified owner)

    These liquid pastels are divine. They take a little bit of getting used to and you do have to be patient to let them dry. The colours are deliciously vibrant.

  2. torreyinestroza (verified owner)

    These are great for lips and adding color to my artwork. They aren’t glossy, they are matte, but they remind me of drawing with lip glosses and powder eye makeup when I was younger. I used to use makeup in my art and they bring back memories of that experience.

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