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Freshly imported direct from Japan!

The Clear Cover is a great way to protect  Journals.  After all the time I have spent working on them and in them, I want my books to be protected, and nothing does as well as these wonderful, slip-on covers.

They really are CLEAR!

There are 5 sizes:

A5 318 x 223mm  –

B5: 389 x 265mm –

AB: 450 x 268mm –

A4: 460 x 315mm –

A4+ ( or A4 PLUS) : 495 x 315mm – Perfect for the JDMM Large Hardbound Art Journal



I use the A5 for Journals I make from A4 sized paer and small altered books:

I use the B5 for my altered vintage children’s books:

I use the AB for my Teesha Moore “Amazing Journal’ sized journals:

I use the A4 size for my thinner A4 sized Journals:

I use the A4+ ( or A4 PLUS) size for the large Hardbound JDMM Journal  and and Altered books:

The Clear Covers create a pocket at the front and back of your Journals for storing ephemera and loose sketches:

Sometimes the covers are not a perfect fit, so I trim them by cutting them to size with scissors.

For larger books I combine two covers and save the spare plastic for another book.

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Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 1 × 25 × 40 cm

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  1. rippingale2017 (verified owner)

    I have started to work with pastels and charcoal and they can be a little bit “precious!” So I purchased the largest size and use it flat while interleaving with clear paper to look after them.
    So I am back for more. they are flexible but very strong and I am impressed.
    I am getting to the point of commercialising some of favourite artworks thanks to the workshop print and scan (highly recommend it if you are thinking and feeling brave enough to jump off the ledge or take the training wheels off).
    So I do recommend them and the course of course lol.

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