Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint Singles

From USD$4.30

Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint Singles

From USD$4.30

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SKU: Dabber Single. Categories: , , . Tag: .



Normal acrylics have a semi-gloss or satin finish which plays havoc with pens, watercolour and layers. They halve the amount of fun to be had! Matte acrylic paint is a mixed-media artist and art journalers best friend because they love to play with others…watercolour, pencils, pens, pastels, markers etc, etc!


Santa’s Flesh, Dune’s Beige, AC Flesh, Pink Quartz, Sweet Pea, Buttercream.


Dark Flesh, Spice Tan, Medium Flesh,  Salmon, Lilac, Old Parchment.


Seafoam, Turquiose, Laguna Blue, Mermaid blue, Midnight Blue, Fleshtone.



Tropic Bay Blue, GP Purple, Pretty Pink, OJ, Sunshine, Apple Green.


Meditteranean, Passion, Crimson, Orange Soda, Yellow, Spring Green.



America’s Favorite Acrylic Paint™ for over 40 years.

Delta Ceramcoat premium paint is creamy and pigment rich.

Delta Ceramcoat is excellent on wood, paper maché, poster board, plaster,
terracotta, canvas and much more and is perfect for base-coating home décor projects.

  • Non-toxic,
  • water-based
  • 2 ounce squeeze bottle


In this video I show how to use these light, fresh colours to create a soft portrait.


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Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 5 x 2 x 5 cm


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