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PinPoint Paint Pen Bundle | All 36 pens and Storage!

USD $67.23

PinPoint Paint Pens| 25 super-fine colours!

Draw with smooth-flowing and opaque acrylic paint!

25 fabulous colours that look great on light and dark papers!


The solid nib of the PinPoint paint pen delivers a fine line of the highly pigmented StoryTime fluid acrylic ink!

Here they are on black paper from the Dark Arts Journal:

The set includes stickers so you can label each pen if you like!



Here are the cooler colours:

Here are the warmer colours!

This set also includes a bonus mystery colour!

USD $31.88

In stock

Metallic PinPoint paint pens| super-fine, glowing lines!

These fabulous pens come in 11 gorgeous colours that will add metallic shimmer to your artwork! They look especially amazing over the black paper in the Dark Arts paper or darker acrylic colours!

And beautiful on white paper as well!




USD $19.12

In stock

Cute Cubes 1 | Two acrylic storage cubes for pencils, markers & pens


USD $16.22

In stock

Finest point for details
Exclusive to us!
Beautiful contained storage
Waterproof when dry
Beautiful mermaid details

36 fantastic super-fine PinPoint paint pens and a set of Cute Cubes to keep them in!

  • Highly pigmented ink that dries quickly to produce a very durable opaque finish on almost all surfaces!
  • No Mess-no Stress: Enjoy creating art projects on a variety of surfaces like: paper, acrylic paint, rocks, stone, metal, pottery, treated smooth wood, plastic, cardboard, canvas, fabric, polymer clay, card stock, glass and more!
  • Great pens for detailing: 0.7mm extra-fine tip for drawing, fine line work & detailed DIY projects. 

Watch the video!

What Jane says


The Pinpoint paint pens contain the StoryTime fluid acrylic ink which has a high pigment load and a fluid acrylic binder. These ingredients need to be combined before use by shaking.

Here are some extra tips!

  • Always shake the pen with the lid on, as some ink could escape and decorate your clothing.
  • Prime the pen by pressing the nib down on your surface, or on the dip on top of the cap.
  • Ensure the ink is at prime opacity by shaking occasionally as you are using it.
  • If the ink is clear or not opaque, shake again and draw on a test paper to let the ink flow a little more. Sometimes some unmixed ink can be sitting in the nib, and it just needs to be moved out of the may to let the ink you have mixed flow to the nib.
  • Always properly replace the cap to keep the pen from clogging.
  • If you do get a clogged tip, you can gently remove the nib by pulling on it to remove from the pen and wash any dried ink sitting on it with water. Once clean, replace the nib and cap, shake the pen and and pump the ink to the nib again.

What you might like to know

This is a swatch chart you can download and print for reference!

PDF: CLICK: JD PinPoint paint Pens swatches

Or save this image, or drag  to your desktop to print:


Weight .15 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 14 cm

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