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SPEEDBALL-Elegant Writer Calligraphy Set. This kit has everything you need to learn the art of beautiful handwriting quickly and easily. Speedballs special calligraphy instruction booklet outlines a simple step-by-step method for creating beautiful italic letters. Kit contains: two black fine point markers (2.0mm), one black medium point marker (2.5mm), one black broad point marker (3.0mm), and a calligraphy instruction booklet. Acid free. Conforms to ASTM D4236. Made in USA.


These permanent calligraphy markers appeal to both beginning and experienced calligraphers alike. Better porous-plastic nib design with sharper line definition brings ease and beauty to calligraphy and puts extra style in everyday writing. Includes an instruction guide.

@mandsherring showed me this pen that runs into different colors! I’m getting it for my store ASAP!

A video posted by Jane Davenport (@janedavenport) on Nov 21, 2015 at 1:07pm PST

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Dimensions 1.4 × 17.73 × 16.51 cm

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  1. rippingale2017 (verified owner)

    Amazingly versatile and beautiful. I was given an Elegant writer for my journalling. However by accident before I saw any clips of the pens I dripped some water on my page (my eyesight is terrible I’m legally blind although I have blurry central vision in my right eye) and realised it had the most beautiful effect I had observed. The colour around it had a blue bloom, the area where I had tried to blot had wicked up the water but the residue was a pink. What an amazingly wonderful accident.
    So I have put my stabilo’s away and this now my go to drawing tool. Plus of course for writing.
    Another thing the value in the pens on this page is enough to make me buy the four pack is so inexpensive it’s beyond. So please don’t rush to buy I have to get my orders in!

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