Finishing Line Pens – Expressive Set

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Easily add fine detail to your drawings with the Finishing Line Expressive Pens from the Artomology Collection by Jane Davenport for Spellbinders. The package includes 10 black and waterproof ink pens with different style nibs.

There are 10 pens in the set:

2 Micro fine nibs for creating tiny and delicate details.

3 Chisel nibs for lettering and angled drawing lines

1 nylon ‘Super Brush’ for sweeping lines

3 Flexible brush nibs for drawing, dramatic application.

The handy Penvelope contains 10 pens that are archival, lightfast, quick drying and waterproof! These qualities make them perfect companions for the traveling artist!


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Weight .02 kg
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 3 cm

1 review for Finishing Line Pens – Expressive Set

  1. renee_1602 (verified owner)

    If I could give a higher star rating I would! These pens are a must have! Every detail has been thought about from the nibs themselves to the packaging that holds these fabulous creatures. The Finishing Line Pens are spectacular, in every way. I wasn’t sure if i would use them all or favour just one, I’m pleased to say I love every single one! The pens fit perfectly in your hand and they are not to heavy and not too light, perfect to let your lines be either free flowing or solid. The colour on top of the caps makes them so easy to find when you need to just grab and go. They are so compact they can even just fit into your handbag for drawing whilst you are out and about. The packaging not only keeps these sensations together but makes for a wonderful addition to any desk whether it be for lettering, sketching or simply for finishing lines.

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