Glitz Sea Sparkle Markers

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Add Super-sparkley details with these fun markers!

xoxox Jane


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Gltter Markers

Warm Seas, Cool Oceans, Both Sets

1 review for Glitz Sea Sparkle Markers

  1. rippingale2017 (verified owner)

    I bought these a couple of months ago and I just started doodling and then I had an aha moment. I was composing a painting and it had butterflies and a dragonfly as a centre. I couldn’t find a way that I was happy with my dragonfly. I was drawn perfectly painted correctly but it needed something. So I was doodling as I said and then thought “oh what the heck” and I just started using the pens in an up/down motion so it was little dots. The moment I started I knew it was not only good but great. My hubby is used to seeing me in my studio making this or that, paint or fabric, I’m there. I didn’t notice him but he had stood there a while just watching and he just said “wow” when I finished one wing. I used a mixture of colours not to overload but to bring some shimmer and allow the colours that would be apparent through the translucency of the wings shine. So I finished my dragonfly. I added a couple of other places that just needed a life to balance and I’m back I just can’t run out of these markers. Thank you Jane I didn’t know what I would use them for at first but I do know now. Don’t stop manufacturing these maybe you could have one more set with neutrals including a black so that where a little touch is needed it would be great.
    Because I’m visually impaired I can’t photograph it or you will get half a dog’s ear or my foot but hubby is going to Vietnam in a couple of days when he gets back I will ask to photograph it properly and send a copy to you.
    Hugs xx oh sorry BTW he is a designer of over 40 years and although he says he is retired he sure spends a lot of time in his office! I’m mentioning it because he has been my mentor as I started losing sight and now he doesn’t tell me what to do but encourages me to think of what a certain piece might need.

    • Jane

      What a delightful reaction! and a delightful assistant you now have – the chief art encourager of the house is your husband – i love that!

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