Clear Thinking ‘Storage & Symmetry’ Set

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I ADORE clear storage! I can easily see what I need, and the organisation makes my art space seem more spacious.

With the Clear Thinking  ‘Storage  & Symmetry’ set you have  two boards that can be used in multiple ways and a beautiful holder to help tame your stash. Each of the three pieces are practical, functional and beautiful!

The Symmetry grid can be used :

  • to align face proportions in your drawings
  • as a large stamp block,
  • stamp storage
  • as a lined grid for your artwork
  • as a ruler

The ‘Favourite Things‘  board is the perfect place to store your most used stamps. I attach them all over the front and back. It’s the best stamp storage I have personally used!  I switch the stamps with sets that i have stored in my stamp binder.

  • to align face proportions in your drawings
  • as a large stamp block,
  • stamp storage
  • as a lined grid for your artwork
  • as a ruler
  • attach favourite dies and other light items with washi tape
  • use it as a note board with a dry-erase pen

The mirrored Clear Thinking Deco Stand is finished in a gorgeous laser mirror finish.

  • Simply stack your stamp blocks, Favourite Things board and Symmetry Grid.
  • The sides are open which makes the contents easy to access while remaining neat and organised.
  • Store a few favourite stamps on it as well.
  • There is plenty of room to add other items such as the Face Charts, Palette pad and Mini Mixer palette.

The Clear Thinking Collection has been thoughtfully designed and beautifully made. I am just so proud of each item in this collection and look forward to adding more to it!

Please note, there is a protective film lining on some items which  can easily be peeled off.






See this handy tool in the ‘Clear Thinking’ Bundle’:

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm

1 review for Clear Thinking ‘Storage & Symmetry’ Set

  1. Yvonne (verified owner)

    Beautifully made, this complete set of smooth crystal clear blocks with holographic holder are a dream. Every size you can need, all with grid print to help line up your images and find the block on your desk! Not too thick so that they are not too heavy. Also a large non printed block for keeping your stamps close by. I also use to prop up one side of my journal if in beginning or end (underneath the low side) to make it lay flat. The larger blocks can be used as gell plate platforms too. Room for more in the super pretty holder, very useful. Packaged well, arrived in pristine condition!

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