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Washi Stickers | Butterflies, Vintage Cornucopia & Flowers!

From USD $12.22

incredible detail
fun to apply
perfect for paper-arts!

Each of these sets contains a fabulous array of washi stickers to delight your creative muscles!

Bag of Butterflies:

Sizes of the butterflies range from 2cm to 8cm.
There are even a few magical dragonflies!

Vintage Cornucopia:
50 fabulous die-cut washi stickers:

Flower Lines:

50 delicately drawn flowering plants:



What Jane says

Washi is a semi transparent paper that is very fine, yet strong enough to be printed on and used in artful projects. The areas that appear white before the sticker is placed melt into the paper once applied.


What you might like to know

Simply peel the washi sticker away from the shiny, clear plastic backing.


Weight .01 kg
Dimensions 8 × 12 × 1 cm

Bag of Butterflies, Vintage Cornucopia, Flower Lines

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