Watercolour is beyond an art supply. It’s emotion on a palette.

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Watercolour is beyond an art supply. It’s a bunch of feelings in a palette.

I have stood at my studio table weeping tears of wonder and astonishment as I watch what they are capable of.
What they make me capable of.

So, when the opportunity came up for me to collaborate with the makers of some of the wildest, craziest, free-est paints ever created, the planet stopped spinning for just a moment.

Daniel Smith are master colourists. They make deliriously delicious paints. They collaborate with a handful of master artists to create their wonderful Dot Try It cards.
I am now one of them.

(Did the planet just stop spinning again? Just for a second?).


When I got the chance to select my favourites for my own Dot card,  well, it was exciting – but also VERY hard work! Each Dot card contains samples of the finest watercolour paint for you to actually try out for yourself! I deliberated and took great pains over creating my collection…

DS-daniel-smith-watercolors- jane davenport 181

  • The hues I have selected for my dot palette have all the seductive and unpredictable charm of a mermaid: Daniel Smith Dots- Jane Davenport
  • (We have them in my store so you can see more about each colour too!)
  • Buff Titanium ( use as a base)
  • Iridescent Topaz  ( mermaid scales people – mermaid scales!)
  • Hematite Violet ( such a joy to use for capturing the fine skin around eyes.)
  • Potters Pink ( the way this colour granulates! )
  • Naphthamide Maroon (deep red for lips and the deepest part of tearducts)
  • Rhodenite Genuine ( life isn’t complete without some outrageous pink is it?)
  • Shadow Violet ( a glaze of this tames colours)
  • Moonglow ( this watercolour defies decription – it is heavenly!)
  • Amethyst Genuine ( it packs it’s own heart-of-darkness)
  • Kyanite Genuine ( possibly my most used colour)
  • Sodalite Genuine ( vies for most used colour with Kyanite!)
  • Lunar Blue ( starts of indigo… andthen  turquoise and cobolt creeps in as the colour develops !)
  • Sleeping Beauty Turquoise (actual crushed turquoise from Sleeping Beauty Mountain in Arizona!)
  • Phthalo Turquoise ( no words needed)
  • Amazonite Genuine ( just like the namesake – this green-blue stands above all others!
  • Serpentine Genuine ( this is Australian! It separates into two lively greens!)
  • Fuschite Genuine  ( a natural wonder)
  • Cascade Green ( a sage green sea  that harbours a turquoise  lake within it. This will make no sense until you have used this watercolour for yourself.)
  • DS wonderland-cape-byron

My favourite Daniel Smith watercolors are an invitation to play.
They granulate.
They make amazing watermarks.
Each brushstroke is a beautiful, fascinating adventure.

They do not behave.

They are bohemian gypsies on an adventure.

By using art materials that allow me to enjoy the process so much, ideas can roam free, inspiration and imagination bubble to the surface and I create art that I love with ease. I don’t have to worry about being an ‘expert’, or creating a perfect drawing first. I just dive right in with a smile on my face.

I consider these colours ‘alive’ because they do so much movement on their own, which makes them so exciting to use.

For the time-being , you can only get the Dot card on my store site when you order some of these delectable watercolours!

click here

That’s my news. My exciting, fabulous news.

Pinch me!



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Showing 32 comments
  • Irene Watts

    Daniel Smith watercolors are beyond gorgeous!

  • Jenny Sullivan

    Jane, congratulations to you and to Daniel Smith. I have been a fan of DS for years and have quite a few of your dots in tubes. I started collecting the Triads. I hope this means we will be using a lot of DS in the surprise new class. You are the very best.

  • Renee

    I don’t know how you limited your selection, they have so many beautiful shades! I am glad to see sleeping beauty turquoise made the cut, it is one of my favorites! I played with Cascade green at my local store and it is now on my favorite list along with Amethyst.

  • Melissa

    So exciting. Congratulations! The collection is beautiful!

  • Elsie Hickey-Wilson

    Daniel Smith is my longtime fav watercolor paint! Love, love, love the granulation and all the pure mineral pigments. It would be so hard to choose which one to only buy a few! And they do play well together! Enjoy!

  • Tammie

    exciting indeed! Congratulations.
    such a beautiful palette Jane.
    i love DS watercolors!

  • Carol Martine

    Jane, the colors you picked are seriously outrageous. Congratulations, Carol Martine.

  • Gina Lighton

    Congratulations, Jane! Yah!!! Daniel Smith is so lucky to have your palette!! what a wonderful collaboration.

  • JoAnn

    Awesome, Jane! I love your Daniel Smith colors and the faces you have created with them! Looks like I need to add to my watercolor stash 🙂

  • Kim English

    oooooo!!!! Miss JANE! Awesome and exciting news. Definitely worth waiting for, you big tease 🙂 So happy for you and us too. Just a couple of weeks ago, I got the entire DS dot card collection. Now I can go thru them all and find your colors so I can paint them on their own separate sheet. I’m so excited!!!! You do the most amazing things. I love that about you 🙂

  • Gail Brule

    You are having quite a year Jane! And so well deserved as you put so very much good out into the world!! Congratulations and here’s to your next artventure…:) p.s. – Can’t wait to get my hands on your colors!!

  • Donna Lange

    That is fabulous news! The color palette reflects you perfectly!

    You introduced me to the DS watercolors in Supplies Me and Beautiful Faces and I’ve totally fallen in love with them. My favorite is Lunar Blue but yesterday i received the Kingman Green Turquoise so that might be my new fav.

  • Kerrie

    Congratulations Jane, great news!

  • Alessandra Matthew

    This is awesome, Jane!!! Your selection looks fabulous!! Can’t wait to try it… Watercolor Wonderland!!!

  • Kim smart

    Wow!! What great news Jane! Just love the gorgeous colors you picked!! How exciting for you…Congrats!!

  • Yvonne Yam

    Congrats Jane! How awesome is this! I love your colour palette selection!:)

  • Maaret

    Congratulations!! So lovely to see your fabulous journey – the colors are just beautiful !!

  • Coral

    I’m doing a happy dance for you Jane. You are having some amazing milestones. I’m so excited for you. Your courage and faith and hard work are manifesting in the most beautiful way. Big hugs gorgeous heart. xo

  • Sylvia Valstar-van Houten

    What a wonderful collection! The colors are delicious and will create many stories in many journals. I am so thrilled for you!

  • Kerry Sinigaglia

    LOVE the names you’ve given them. SO flip’n brilliant. Congrats!

  • Bexs

    wowser it was the worth the wait …. Loving them xoxox

  • Michelle Maggs

    Silly question, but what is a dot card?

    • Jane Davenport

      “Each Dot card contains samples of the finest watercolour paint for you to actually try out for yourself!”

  • Catherine Land

    No wonder you looked so happy in that photo. Congratulations Jane. That is wonderful news. 🙂

  • Geri

    Love the colours you picked!!!
    Awesome news.

  • Natalie Hennekam

    Congratulations … to Daniel Smith 😉 They are very lucky to have you on board 🙂

  • Robyn Wood

    Wow! That is new worth shouting from the rooftops! How fabulously, wonderful and exciting – a real ‘pinch me’ moment for you Jane. I love how you put colours together and totally agree, colours are feelings on a palette. Congratulations!

    • Jane Davenport

      thank you Robyn! You are always so supportive – you are a real treasure and friend!

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