INKredible® singles | Scented | vivid watercolour inks!

From AUD $9.95

INKredible® Inks are a watercolour-like ink that sets when dry to a semi-permanent state.
Hello! Layerable watercolour!

These INKredible inks are scented, so when you use them you get a subtle hint of cherries🍒, or chocolate🍫… violets…🌸 delicious berries🍓.

The scent isn’t strong and doesn’t last long… just a little extra delight as you use them. ❤️

The most fabulous thing about INKredible inks is how VERSATILE they are!

  • can use in the INKredible fountain pens and FUNtain pens.
  • Make your own Mermaid Markers by adding the ink to the INKbrush and Aquabrushes!
  • Make a spray with our Mister Bottles.

  • Use them with a one of our exsquisite glass Dip pens for expressive fine lines.Make felt tip markers with the ‘Make Your Markers’!


    INKredible® Inks are a wonderful first art ink because they are a straight-forward formula ( ie: they do what you expect!) and so versatile.
    They will take you far!

  • 30ml in each dripper bottle
  • Gently shake before use.
  • Recap well after use.

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