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1000 journals project

I saw a documentary on the 1000 Journals Project a few months back. It was fascinating. When one of my favourite friends, the awesome artist Tracy Moore appeared on the screen unexpectedly, i screamed out loud and started marching around the room.

So when one number 381 of THE original 1000 was placed in my hands by  Tracy when I was at the Play retreat, I kinda dropped everything i was working on, to make my mark. The originals are RARE ( see the info below) And it was a highlight of my trip.


Let me rephrase that. In that last two week adventure, there were sooooo many highlights, that I have to really re-qualify my statement and say it was a highlight of that HOUR….
From the get- go I felt like I had slipped into a parallel universe. So much happened…constantly!

Now that I am home, and have time to reflect on the crush of experiences, I’m realising it wasn’t the usual ‘horizons broadening’ kind of trip, it was a “wow, I’m SO loved and so IN love with SO many AWESOME people.” I feel so HAPPY. Deeply joyful. I’m Seattle smiling.

I hope you are having a great day and more stories from the trip ASAP.
Mucho love-oh

About The 1000 Journals Project

The 1000 Journals Project is an ongoing collaborative experiment attempting to follow 1000 journals throughout their travels. The goal is to provide a method for interaction and shared creativity among friends and strangers.

How it Works:
Those who find the journals add something to them. A story, drawing, photograph, anything really. Then they pass the journal along, to a friend or stranger, and the adventure continues.

Unfortunately, you’ve got a better chance of winning the lottery, then of getting a hold of a journal. That’s the problem when there are only 1000 of them. Now, you’re best bet is to check out 1001 Journals where you can sign up for a journal, or launch your own traveling, location, or personal journals.

You can also check out the new book, which contains entries from journals around the world. It looks just like a journal, has these crazy stitched pages inside. Check it out on Amazon.

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