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{ Creative . Authentic . Inspiring }

My wish is for you to feel at ease drawing & creating whatever you want in your own authentic style. My online art workshops are so popular because I love helping make that happen!

The Best Starting Point


The Newest Workshop!


Do you say “I can’t Draw”?

Draw Happy is a  gentle place to invite creativity back into your life.

This is a mini-workshop with five impactful lessons. Think of it as a Creativity Pill that will send you off on an intense but fast moving adventure! I introduce you to ‘Art Journaling’, and start you on your drawing path. It’s fun and delightful!


LOVE art supplies? You are in good company…

Supplies Me shows you just how awesome your art supplies really are. Lots of drawing skills and mixed media goodness abound, from the basics of drawing a whimsical face and figure drawing.

This workshop is really about giving yourself the creative freedom to play and trust the mess! This class will is the best value art supply you will ever get.


Can you draw a face as well as you would like?

“Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces’ is an inspiring, mixed media workbook on how to create enchanting, fashion illustration–style portraits. This Online Workshop brings the book to life!

#Number 1 Best Seller in Painting, Drawing & Mixed Media!


Would you like to draw proportional figures with ease?

My Super Power is teaching you to draw beautiful faces, but my secret weapon is  figure drawing.  In this  workshop I share my secret methods and inventions for drawing figuresfrom your imagination.

“learn to draw the female figure with ease and confidence!”


The secrets to Jane’s loose and free-flowing drawing!

This workshop looks like an in-depth companion to my best-selling book ‘Fabulous Figures’ but what it really is, is a celebration of you drawing with confidence and freedom!


Want to create more expression in your artwork?

Express Yourself is an in-depth online Workshop that explores how to successfully convey a whole range of human emotion into your mixed media portraits. In this class I show my secrets for creating beautiful and expressive faces, full of feeling !

Being able to draw confidently unleashes your creativity.


Do you love drawing from your imagination?

This online workshop focuses on drawing  and painting from your imagination. JOYnal will take your creative skills forward in a dramatic leap  into the realms of fairyland. Our subjects are fairytale heroines,  mysterious fey creatures, cute garden fairies and their cohorts, mermaids, pixies, elves and unicorns.

“get your art flying!”


Always wanted to explore watercolours but not sure where to start?

Jane loves to mix her favourite things together to create something new! In ‘Wonderland’ she takes the Alice universe and swishes it up with lashings of watercolour and lessons and techniques!

Ready to tumble down the rabbit-hole with her?


Ready to share your artwork with a bigger audience?

Making art is fun and deeply rewarding . Have you dreamed of getting your artwork out of the journal and Off the canvas and out into the world on walls, in hands and into hearts? It’s easily do-able and in Print & Scan I show you how!

“I want you to have all the joy an artist’s life can bring!”


Want to learn to love your lettering?

Best Selling authors Joanne Sharpe and Jane Davenport have teamed up to create a rollicking and cheeky workshop full of techniques and ideas to enliven your expressive art journaling!
If you think you can’t, Joanne and Jane will show you that you can. I’ve taken multiple workshops from both of these fantastic teachers, and their upbeat and positive approach brings out the best in their students. Together, they’re dynamite!


Where happy little bluebirds fly (and turquoise and magenta and lilac ones too!).

Want to leap into the creative storm with wicked witches and the occasional flying house to land in Mixed-Media-Munchkin Land with me?! Creating beautiful faces and figures in a non-stop whimsical adventure somewhere over the rainbow!

Dorothy, the Scarecrow and a plethora of flying Monkeys await!


Mermaids and watercolour sound like you? Seas the day!

Seas the Day! Dive into watercolour with mermaids and Jane as your FINstructor.
“I came to Jane’s classes as a new and very insecure artist…dare I even use that word to describe myself. After taking Wonderland I gained skills and confidence. After Vitamin Sea I was ready to call myself an artist. She works magic. Don’t miss out.I must be a mermaid… I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living”


The Art of travel!

Whether you are traveling across the room or around the world, documenting your journey allows you to bring your creativity with you!


You can’t wish your way into being an artist, you need to act.

If you are willing to TRUST the mess and fold yourself into the creative learning PROCESS, you will be joyfully surprised at just how easily and joyfully art fits into your life. That’s because it is meant to be there.

If you are reading this, you have all you need to begin. Just look at the flow chart I created below to help you select the right starting point!’

Fun Galore!


Want to try a sample workshop?

This Mini workshop unveils the secrets of  the ‘Jane Davenport Mixed Media’ art supply collection! It also serves as a  great introduction to online learning with Jane!


Want to feel more inspired & alive?

Get creative!  I believe that when you are in touch with your creative self, you not only make better decisions, you enjoy life with more confidence and can uplift those around you  too.

I say, start with drawing.

I believe not only that everyone can draw, but that they are meant to be drawing. Drawing is the cradle for all the visual arts, helps us to understand the world and untangle emotion. Drawing  communicates ideas that are too complex for words. Most importantly of all though, it’s fun! All you need do is risk making a few mistakes as you learn.

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