Wild and Whimsical!

On October 1st I have two new books being released! “Whimsical and Wild’ is an Art Journal/ super fancy colouring book and ‘Imagine Out Loud’ is a creative prompt writing [...]

Creative Summit 2019

Registration for The  Life Book Creativity & Wellbeing Summit  is open! LifeBook is a year-long well-being and creativity workshop hosted by Willowing Arts, and the LifeBook Creative Summit [...]

Imagine Out Loud

Imagine Out Loud: A Journal of Creative Discovery Let me share news of this really coooooool little book from my Editor : “With Jane Davenport’s stunning art, and her motivational quotes [...]

A wondrous feeling

It’s a little hard to fully explain the feeling of holding a book in your hands that you created. The book exists in your mind, and on computer screens and printouts for so long as [...]

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