Seas the day!

As artists, I believe we should go where we are DRAWN. If you have a love for the creating faces and figures from your imagination, then this workshop was mermaid for you!   Dive into a whirlpool of new watercolor techniques and have a whale of a time with me as your FINstructor.

Prepare to be mermesmerised!

I want you to be endlessly inspired to create your own expressive, meaningful art! I like to think of Watercolours as a collaboration where you each suggest ideas and then run with it. Once you appreciate and understand the way it likes to play, you will quickly dive into the whirlpool with confidence!


  • If this is your first workshop with me – Welcome!
  • If you are a Davenpeep (a term of endearment for someone who loves doing my workshops!), then whis workshop builds on beautifully from my skill-based workshops ( Supplies me,Beautiful Faces and  I Heart Drawing). We will be building on from lessons learned in all my other workshops so you can continue to add complexity and movement to your original artwork.
  • We will be diving into a whirlpool of new watercolor techniques as well as pencil, ink, acrylic and pastels.
  • We will be building up to more complex faces and figures ( all step by step of course).

 Vitamin Sea is a Mixed Media workshop, but the emphasis is on Watercolour and its relaxed beauty.

 Lesson 1 – Tide Lines

Making hand-bound art journals and shaping the pages so they tell a story of their own!

Lesson 2 – Sea Spray

New ways to use watercolors, papers and a whole lot of wild art fun!

Lesson 3 – Taming the Wild Ocean

Creating the Undersea Royal Court

Lesson 4 – Marie Planktonette

Hair and bodies that defy gravity

Lesson 5 –Body of Water

Jane’s and Undulating Spine Line™ method for Constructing the figure!

Lesson 6 – Keep Urchin Up

Drawing the tilted and turned face

Lesson 7 – Seal of Approval

Creating an underwater entourage A Shimmer of Mermaids: A Splash, a Gossip, a Pod , a Miracle ! Whatever you want to call a group of mermies, we are creating them

A few more details…

I have created this class so you can take all the time you need and let the magic happen!


All sessions for the Self-guided study classes are up when you arrive. This means there’s no waiting for projects to be posted and you can take the course at whatever pace works for you.


You can revisit, rewatch, recharge and remind yourself of all the art supplies, all the drawing lessons, all the mixed media inspiration whenever you want.


You need never feel embarrassed about not ‘clicking’ with a new skill straightaway. It’s a terrible feeling when you feel left behind, or that you dont ‘get it’ and everyone else does in a learning situation!


But you will NEVER feel that way in my classroom because you can pause and rewind, and ask questions.

What do you get?

Vitamin Sea is an online Workshop unlike any other.
This is an experience.

Along with step-by-step, rich-with-detail technique lessons, INSPIRATION is on the menu.

7 Lessons of dizzying creativity!

  • Drawing and painting more complex faces and figures from your imagination!
  • Illustrative, whimsical, expressive faces!
  • Flowing, fabulous Hair.
  • Step by Step videos detailing Jane’s creative process.
  • more of Jane’s watercolour and mixed media Secrets!
  • detailed shading to create volume
  • Using watercolour in new ways to create mermesmerising backgrounds!

Videos will be typically between 8 and 20 minutes long each.

After you Register, you will receive your receipt for your records.

What do you need?

  • Vitamin Sea was THE BEST ever! I must say that each time I take one of Jane's classes, I decide that it was also the best class I've ever taken. They are always a lot of fun. In Vitamin Sea, Jane shows new ways of using traditional art media, combined with contemporary art materials which results in a new, fresh style. It's a good class for both beginners and for more experienced artists. For anyone thinking of taking this class, I'd say "do it and have fun.

    Cindy Hogan
    Cindy Hogan
  • I came to Jane's classes as a new and very insecure artist...dare I even use that word to describe myself. After taking Wonderland I gained skills and confidence. After Vitamin Sea I was ready to call myself an artist. She works magic. Don't miss out.I must be a mermaid... I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.

    Linda Hoffer
    Linda Hoffer
  • You know how most of us long to be young again or wish we could have the carefree spirit of a young girl or the magic like you find in the pages of a favorite fairytale that your mom or dad read to you as a child? Well you can find all that and more in Janes magical classes! She has this magical way about her that is evident in her teaching style. Jane is full of charisma and this too shows in her classes. What I'm trying to say is that if you long to be transported to a time and place of wonderment, of being carefree and learning in the most fun and joyful way with a teacher that has an infectious laughter then you've found it!! You will love not only her classes but the icon herself!!! My punctuation and grammar are blah so feel free to adjust if you use mine.

    Mika J Sperring Power
    Mika J Sperring Power

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“Prepare to be mermesmerised!”

Vitamin Sea is set to be another extraordinary art adventure with Jane Davenport. Jane is internationally respected for her generous and accessible teaching style. The projects in  this workshop  will have you joyfully splashing into the ocean!

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You learn, have fun and save $!!

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