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The Watercolor Set of workshops!

USD $304.60

Miss Quoted

Tell Your Story in Colour!

Best Selling authors Joanne Sharpe and Jane Davenport have teamed up to create a rollicking and cheeky workshop full of lettering, drawing and painting techniques and ideas to enliven your expressive art journaling!

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USD $78.33


Wonderland is an extraordinary art adventure! The artwork and projects dreamed up for this workshop are astoundingly creative and will have you joyfully tumbling down the watercolour rabbit-hole with Jane!

Create your own masterpieces with step by step tutorials on drawing, painting, collage, lettering and composition.

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USD $113.14

Vitamin Sea

Seas the day!

As artists, I believe we should go where we are DRAWN. If you have a love for the creating faces and figures from your imagination, then this workshop was mer-maid for you! Dive into a whirlpool of new watercolor techniques and have a whale of a time with me as your FINstructor.

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USD $113.14
Learn to harness watercolour's power!
Learn in a fun & safety
Drawing and lettering lessons
Figures and Faces galore!
Paint marvelous mermaids!

Want to earn more about Watercolour?
Three Classes to get you going and going!

Miss Quoted, 


Vitamin Sea

Ready to fall in love with your art?

I believe that you don’t have to be a naturally talented artist in order to ENJOY making art.

Drawing and painting  is something that every child loves. But by the time we’re about 7 we start to think that unless we’re the best in the class, we should give up. Or if we do keep it up, oftentimes imposter syndrome and self-doubt holds us back from experiencing true creative freedom.

Can you relate to feeling disconnected from art and creativity yet feel a yearning inside to reconnect with it? Or a desire to supercharge your creative practice with the power of rainbowitis? 

You may be surprised at how nourishing feeding your creativity is and just how easily it fits into your life! Because it is meant to be there.

This suite of online workshops will  get you started on your watercolour journey!

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