Sparkle, Sheen & Shine!

I adore a little bit of sparkle as it just adds magic to the day. These inks, watercolours and papers (yes, a watercolour paper that sparkles!) shimmer and sheen to make your creative process even more enjoyable.
•’Twinkle Toes’ are 24 fountain-pen & mister-bottle friendly sparkling watercolour inks!
•’StarPower’ inks can be seen sparkling from the heavens above!
•’Fairy Dust’ is a magical, mica-laden pigment that we have in pigment & watercolour form.
•’ArtLantis’ watercolours are individually handmade with legendary properties!
•’Glitz-Sea’ markers have shimmering sparkle embedded in their bright colours.
• ‘Wham Glam Musical Markers’ contain a shining opaque metallic ink.
•’Legends of the Sea’ inks glow like shot silk – watch their video to see the effect!
•’Whimsical Watercolours’ are a palette of iridescent & luxurious hues.

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