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Power Pastels | The Artist version of the crayons you loved as a child!

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Highly pigmented colours
Creamy laydown of colour!
skin safe and non-toxic
Fun to use!

Power Pastels are the Artist version of the crayons you loved as a child!

Power Pastels are non-watersoluble crayons taking the best qualities from oil and wax pastels combined with a high pigment load.


They are all named for different types of energy, hence Power Pastels!

    • 18 colours
    • 1 clear crayon for blending and resist techniques
    • Store in the gorgeous tin!

Watch the videos for ideas of using them:



Watch the video!

What Jane says

I love using Power Pastels with other watersoluble media because they don’t react and hold their bright, expressive lines!

Click the  video screengrab above to see a Livestream that features the Power Pastels. Skip to 11:30 for the crayons ❤️!

What you might like to know

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 cm

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