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Art Journaling Essentials Kit

USD $94.49

Black INKredible Pen | The Fountain pen for art making!

This INKredible (pronounced incredible!) pen by Jane Davenport is the perfect drawing tool to complete your masterpiece. This traditional looking fountain pen comes with easy-to-use ink cartridges while its fine tip creates precise and accurate lines. It also makes a great gift for art enthusiasts.


  • 3 ink cartridges : black, water-reactive ink
  • 1 converter cartridge : load your own dye-based inks!
  • 1 INKredible Pen!

Watch the video below for more details!

  • Keep your pen clean with a soft cloth.
  • Store flat or with the nib up.
  • Always recap the pen properly when not in use.

Please note:
only load fountain-pen friendly, dye-based inks into the convertor cartridge.
Read labels and if they say suitable for use in a fountain pen, you will be fine.
(Mermaid Marker ink is a dye based ink!)

Do not use:

  • Acrylic-based inks.
  • Carbon inks.
  • mineral based inks.
  • India inks.
  • opaque white inks.

They will most likely clog the pen.





USD $9.83

In stock

Small Watercolour Art Journal | 9x6 | paint your own canvas cover!

Flaunt your creativity on the hot press watercolor pages of this canvas journal by Jane Davenport.



  • 6" x 9"
  • Hard bound
  • Lay- flat cover.
  • stitched binding.
  • Canvas Cover.
  • decorated endpapers.
  • 120 lb  / 200 gsm paper.
  • Hot Press watercolor paper - smooth on one side, and slight texture on the other.
  • Acid Free paper
  • 84 Pages including endpapers
  • two Sizes: 9x 6 inches and  9x 12 inches


USD $30.59

In stock

HUEphoria paintbox | 66 watercolours!

The Huephoria Paintbox features 66 highly pigmented watercolour pans. Because of the huge colour range you quickly move beyond the basics and into some unique hues!

This offers wonderful creative opportunity for artists with lots of watercolour already and a fantastic place to start for new people to watercolour!

The colour names are inspired by word play. I adore puns, and some of these are just so bad, but it's all for fun.

The amazing value in this set is delivered by the smaller compact pan size, taped attachment and case.  The new watercolour formula offers smooth coverage and fulsome release of colour!



  • 66 unique colours in quarter pan size.
  • Pigmented watercolor paint in 2 formulas ( details below) 👇.!
  • Compact clear case is light & tough and inside lid can be used as a large mixing palette.
  • Comes with Swatch card and practice pages.

* set does not include a brush


Colours are naturally transparent and they have strong tinting strength making for unexpected and wonderful layering results.

Part of the magic of these colours is that the formula is semi-moist, which means it is easy to activate each colour. this also means that the watercolour can be soft, especially after use so store the watercolours horizontally or flat

USD $36.71

In stock

Spectrum multicolour pencil | Draw in Rainbow!

A  fun, multi-colour Rainbow Twirl colour pencil!

USD $4.03

In stock

Brush With Fame paint pens | Stop the press Set

The Brush with Fame pens are named for their fabulous brush tips!

They contain the same type of ink as our ever-popular PaintOver pens, which means they are a no-shake acrylic paint pen.

The opaque ink dries quickly to a matte, waterproof finish.

You can use the pens on many different surfaces to great effect!

USD $13.32

In stock

Art journal with watercolour paper
rainbow colour pencil!
66 hues of watercolour!
Fountain pen for inky drawing!
Essential paint pens!

Watch the video!

What Jane says

Art Journaling is my form of art… I do it every day and it takes many forms and directions. Sometimes es I just like to Freeform draw whatever comes to mind, other times I might need to write about something that is making me feel anxious. To do lists appear, plans and dreams might be written on top of art supply colour tests…

favourite quotes, a line  from songs I’m listening to, overhead snippets of conversations of strangers are paired with sketches, drawings, doodling and collage…

art journaling can be whatever you want it to be ,  because it’s for yourself. No one else needs to ever see it if you don’t want. Or you can share as I do, or be anywhere in between!

my YouTube channel has hundreds of videos where I create in my Art Journals- come and join me for ideas!


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Weight .880 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 15 cm

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