FRIDAuary creative prompts!

The FRIDAUARY creative prompts are here! It starts on Feb 1st. Thank you to my Happiness Helpers, Kerry Sinigaglia and Cary Cutler Scholes for input on our fabulous prompts. ❤️ [...]

Creative Summit 2019

Registration for The  Life Book Creativity & Wellbeing Summit  is open! LifeBook is a year-long well-being and creativity workshop hosted by Willowing Arts, and the LifeBook Creative Summit [...]

Making Faces Free Workshop!

Join today! Join Jane as she celebrates the global release of her groundbreaking ‘Making Faces’ collection. Each of these beauty inspired art supplies offer myriad creative tricks! All you need [...]

I’m back on Life Book!

Hello! For those of you that have been part of my world for more-than-a-minute will remember that I was part of the collaborative workshop created by my friend Tam Laporte called [...]

Do you need some Vitamin Sea?

As artists, I believe we should go where we are DRAWN. If you have a love for the creating faces and figures from your imagination, then this workshop was mermaid for you!   Dive into a whirlpool [...]

Need an Escape?

I’m preparing my newest workshop and I am leaping with joy about it ( seriously… wait to the end of the video!). I’ve been filming snippets for  it over the past 5 years all [...]

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!

Hello all, It’s been a wild week for me… I have so much happening right now with exciting projects and design work and I have caused a blog bottle neck. There will be a wonderful [...]

Beautiful Faces Scholarship and Giveaway!

Beautiful Faces is going ‘Live’ as a workshop on June 12th. That simply means that a big group of us all join together and go through the workshop like it’s the first time! [...]

Miss Quoted goes live!

Maybe you have just discovered a new-found love of watercolor and ink with my Mermaid Markers, INKredible pen and watercolour palettes? Maybe you already looooooove watercolour and ink! In the [...]

Calling all Davenpeeps!

Weeeeeere off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz! Are you going to skip down the Creative yellow brick Road with me? My new ‘Wizard of Oz’ themed workshop is going to be [...]

Feeling Fine

I feel like I am caught up in a Creative Storm right now! I am preparing for the ‘Over the Rainbow’ workshop and then there is all the whirlwind of fun that is happening with new [...]

A gift from my heart to yours!

    I wanted to celebrate the new Mixed Media collection with American Crafts, so what better way to do that than with something I LOVE doing, that’s available to everyone, [...]

Maxed Media™

My next GRAND online workshop ARTventure is based on the rich story and archetype characters from the Wizard of Oz.  I hope you will dive into the creative tornado with wicked witches and the [...]

It’s all here!

The new website is here! The new School is here! The new workshop is here! I haven’t finished the Invitational video yet – it’s coming. I am SO excited about joining Dorothy and [...]

Italy, Carmel and sneak peeks!

I have been very busy since my #janessecret announcement with a trip to the USA  and now I’m in Italy. If I’m not careful, it could all rush past too quickly, but I really do try and [...]

Mermaids on Monday!

Vitamin Sea starts on Monday! I absolutely adore the monumental effort of creating my online workshops. Its fun! I do have an assistant for this workshop  though. One of my favourite processes is [...]

Vitamin Sea – my new online workshop!

Registration open now! Your Invitation ( press play): The essentials: Class starts August 1st 8 week ‘Live’ Workshop Lifetime Access Private Facebook Group Lessons: If this is your [...]

‘Ever After’ is open for Registration!

Click here to view more details A wonderful collaborative workshop about fairytales! My fellow teachers are wonderful and we are so excited about the opportunity of creating fun lessons about the [...]

Blog Hop and Giveaway- yay!

As you know, I love using fairytales as source material for my art, so of course I said ‘yes’ when I was asked to collaborate on the ‘Ever After’ Collaborative workshop. [...]

“One of the Greatest online art teachers in the WORLD” – I’ll take that!

When you receive an email newsletter from people you very much admire and the first line knocks you off your feet, that’s a good day right there! Brave Girls University has a plethora of [...]

Ever After – a new collab workshop!

I have some wonderful & exciting news! I am going to be teaching on Ever After 2016! As you know, I love using fairytales as source material for my art, so of course I said ‘yes’ [...]

Ever After – new workshop & Giveaway News!

I have some wonderful & exciting news! I am going to be teaching on Ever After 2016! As you know, I love using fairytales as source material for my art, so of course I said ‘yes’ [...]

Print & Scan Scholarship!

  Would you like your artwork to be shared with a wider audience?I have created this online workshop to help you discover just how easy it is to get your artwork out into the world.  [...]

Wonders of Wonderland!

Wonderland has been a rather epic journey so far! I have loved the combination of Watercolour and Alice. I have just updated the invitation video to reflect the workshop art:   And you can [...]

Live painting demonstration at Daniel Smith, Seattle!

I have such an epic trip to the USA coming up in June! The latest event to be added is a Live demonstration and Book Signing. The Whimsical Watercolors Event is at the Daniel Smith Art Store 4150 [...]

What was Most Popular in 2015

I got an email this morning from Cloth Paper Scissors and Interweave ( you probably got it too!).  It listed “What Was Most Popular This Past Year”. I was tickled Opera Rose ( my [...]

Wonderland Scholarship announcement… delayed

First off – full disclosure, when I crafted my Newsletter yesterday, I was still definitely semi-delirious from the recent horrors of the vomit-virus. ugh ugh ugh. Today I feel ‘like [...]

Wonderland Scholarship!

* UPDATE*  The Scholarship has been announced and Comments are closed. Thank you for all your entries! THE Wonderland SCHOLARSHIP! Wonderland, my next major workshop jumps off and away on January [...]

A Brave New Year!

I have some fun news, I am joining the Brave Girls University as a teacher this year! To celebrate I have a code that gives a free trial month! I am creating my courses and will have them up in [...]

Whiterabbit discount extended!

I have had many requests to extend the Mad Hatter Discount Code! The code to enter at check out is: WHITERABBIT FULL PRICE of The Wonderland Watercolour Workshop is $180 USD With the Wonderful [...]