Stamp Camp!

Hi there, Want to have some fun and join in to the ‘Jane Davenport Stamp Camp?! All you need do is create with any of the ‘Jane Davenport’ stamps and hashtag [...]

Artventure August – creative prompts!

This seasons new look will take you on an Artventure through August, strutting the streets on a whirlwind tour across the globe! These fun creative prompts are intended to inspire. You can [...]

Mermay with Jane D 2019!

Are you going to dive in?!!! ❤️ You can interpret the fun prompts as you want in your artwork. We will have giveaways at Jane Davenport Mixed Media on Facebook  – lots of fun! As always, [...]


Fairyuary is here!!!! Here are the creative prompts for our fun month of inspiration. Each day is a different prompt to inspire you to draw, paint and colour. The prompts are intended to get you [...]

Celebrate ARTober with me!

There is soooooo much happening in October that I felt it needed to be bundled up in some joy and renamed. So starting on October 1st  we have the ARTober Challenge starting that encompasses all [...]