Wild and Whimsical!

On October 1st I have two new books being released! “Whimsical and Wild’ is an Art Journal/ super fancy colouring book and ‘Imagine Out Loud’ is a creative prompt writing [...]

Imagine Out Loud

Imagine Out Loud: A Journal of Creative Discovery Let me share news of this really coooooool little book from my Editor : “With Jane Davenport’s stunning art, and her motivational quotes [...]

My fab friend’s new book!

More book news!  Tam Laporte from Willowing Arts has written her 2nd book! It’s called ‘Ever After and in it you are  guided to create Fairy Tale-Inspired Mixed-Media Art Projects to [...]

A wondrous feeling

It’s a little hard to fully explain the feeling of holding a book in your hands that you created. The book exists in your mind, and on computer screens and printouts for so long as [...]

Would you do me a little favour?

Fabulous Figures is a #1 best seller and has sold out on Amazon! This makes me smile because it isn’t even up to the official publishing date yet. I really put my heart into my books, and [...]

Beautiful Faces Scholarship and Giveaway!

Beautiful Faces is going ‘Live’ as a workshop on June 12th. That simply means that a big group of us all join together and go through the workshop like it’s the first time! [...]

What was Most Popular in 2015

I got an email this morning from Cloth Paper Scissors and Interweave ( you probably got it too!).  It listed “What Was Most Popular This Past Year”. I was tickled Opera Rose ( my [...]

Beautiful Faces Scholarship Winners!

Wow! that was a wonderful experience of sharing and caring! Thank you to everyone who sent kind messages of encouragement and support and entered the Scholarship. Tinsel and Gesso form our [...]

Beautiful Faces Scholarship

The ‘Beautiful Faces’ Classroom opens in 12 days! The book has been on a wild ride of success since it’s launch and it has held #1 spots in all its categories. It is in [...]

third reprint…

Sorry to bang on about my book, but, well this is my blog I guess. My book is into it’s third print run… so I must have done something right! I cannot wait to show everyone all the [...]


Is this really happening? My book is #1 in Painting on Amazon. #1 in Mixed Media. #1 in Human Figure Drawing. It won’t last forever, so I am relishing and cherishing these rankings as they [...]

Danger Faints : #1 bestseller in Mixed Media

Oh my oh my oh my!!!! My first Amazon review has appeared! It was a good one and helpful to other readers. After years of seeing the bizarre, sometimes cruel and odd reviews left on some of my [...]


I knocked myself out over this divine little number! Look at her – isn’t she  – can I say it — breathtaking? And we are receiving our advance copies this week. My hands [...]