Available on Amazon again… well, March 9!

 In The Book

I just was notified that my book arrives into Amazon again on March 9th.

You can get it by clicking the image:

 It’s been ‘Temporarily Out of Stock’ on Amazon for weeks and weeks… there have been  2 more print runs delivered already,  but hopefully this will be enough to get through all the back orders and a fair few new orders.

All I can do is shake my head in wonder and gratitude. Who knew?

My publisher, Quarry, are working hard to get more books happening, because it’s not just Amazon that have sold out! Barnes and Noble can’t get enough either. Maybe my book will end up in Micheals, Hobby Lobby  and Blicks  and wherever creative people like to gather? Maybe in some art gallery bookstores?  I can’t wait to walk into a random bookshop and see my book sitting there.

I know it’s been frustrating for those of you who didn’t order the book right away, but the books will be back in stores across the USA soon and with your favourite online sellers too. I keep mentioning Amazon only because they have such a good system for Authors to see how their book is going.

In Australia, the books are not listed for distribution to book stores until April/ May.
My store does have some of course. Angus and I really believed in the book, so we ordered lots and  shipped them here ( you can get signed copies here).

Anyway, if you have been waiting for the book, get your order in to Amazon now, because they will run out again.

Man Alive! It feels good to have that hard work so appreciated.

thank you!


Jane/ Danger

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