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It’s the last week of filming for the all new ‘Supplies Me’ I have really enjoyed revamping the whole workshop. It was the first stand-alone ecourse I ever created, and I really wanted to dig back in there and update it all.  Mission accomplished! Well nearly. Just the last few videos for Watercolours are left for me to finalise.

I really enjoy the filming and editing process. I am completely in charge of every aspect. This is the young lady who washed out of my paintbrushes this afternoon.This is what I'm serving up as my final lesson in 'Supplies Me'.     . Next videos will be for 'Beautiful Faces'!

I start filming Beautiful Faces next week. Well, lots of it was filmed when I created the book, but I do have extra things I want to add. I really do have fun with this whole process. I get really excited about my lesson plans, and how to best present my ideas  to inspire my students. I like untangling really, really tricky techniques and making them achievable. I love that I can help so many other people with their creative confidence in this way. It’s fun!

And I REALLY get fist-pumping jazzed when I create something on camera that really resonates with me. This girl was talking to me non-stop as I created her.

I’ve been working on my own set of Schminke watercolours.  I just love their 1/2 pans. The paint is so rich and intense!  I have handpicked the colours – and they are a divine mix. I just love the robust, lush pigment load I get in each brushstroke. And the flesh tones I can create… ai ai ai!

schmincke watercolour--jane davenport 229

I’m crushing on my new Neptune paintbrushes too.  They are up there with my terribly fancy Kolinsky sable brushes.  I got a few to try them out, and was so impressed I ordered the whole collection for myself and the store!

I can’t keep away from my Daniel Smith watercolours (and why would I even try too – lol!). They make me a little weak at the knees. They do such strange, beautiful things and I already know I won’t stop until I have all their colours. I know I don’t NEED them all. But I don’t want to miss out on anything.

Some people love jewellery and lovely shoes. I am happiest relishing in my artists materials ( plus Monster High dolls, but let’s not start that conversation).

I am taking the day off tomorrow and just hanging on my front deck and playing with watercolours all day. Donna Downey and her hubby Bill are staying with me, so she will appear at some point once recovered from the looooong flight. It’s so cool hanging out with an art buddy. I can’t wait. I am going to dream of watercolours!





Strathmore Watercolour journal

Neptune brushes
Jane Davenport Selection Schmincke Watercolours
Supplies Me
Beautiful Faces
Daniel Smith Watercolours – Seniors Art Supply usually stock the full range of Daniel Smith. I LOVE Kyanite, Moonglow and Shadow Violet.

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  • Balinda

    I feel like a lucky ducky with the Supplies Me class….I just joined and am enjoying every single bit of watching the old and the new lessons together. I am so appreciative of the honest reviews of how and why you like one product over the other but still encouraging the use of what we have in our stash. (((Big HUGS for that!!!)))

  • Sonya Badgley

    I am jumping up and down!! My hubby gave in and said I could sign up for your Beautiful Faces class AND the Supplies Me class!!! WhooHoo!!! I am SO excited!!!

  • rachelle ward

    Hi Jane
    Just wondering will you be posting on your blog when the newly updated supplies me class is complete and ready? Thankyou.

    • Jane Davenport

      Hi Rachelle,
      you can dive in now. There is plenty to keep you busy until I finish Watercolours next week.

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