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Imagine Out Loud: A Journal of Creative Discovery
Let me share news of this really coooooool little book from my Editor :

“With Jane Davenport’s stunning art, and her motivational quotes and prompts, this journal will send women on a satisfying journey of self-discovery.

Bombarded by constant demands from work, home, family, friends, and social media, women crave the opportunity to slow down and reflect on what is truly important. Journaling is a proven therapeutic process that promotes well-being and sparks creativity, but newcomers can feel intimidated the first time they face a blank page. Where should they begin? 


Imagine Out Loud combines famed artist Jane Davenport’s inspirational artwork, trademark “Jane-isms,” and quotations with compelling journaling prompts. Readers will be moved to write, make lists, doodle, and draw. Designed to encourage introspection and self-discovery, Imagine Out Loud will be a constant companion in the search for creative and personal fulfilment.”

( I just LOVE it when someone else writes a bio or description for me. Writing about yourself is HARD work! So a big thank you to Michelle my fabulous Editor!)

Official publication date is Oct 1st, but you can get signed copies NOW!
Click here



October 1st is the official Publication date for the rest of the world.
I have signed VIP copies available now.

Pre-Order at Barnes and Noble here.
or at Amazon:
(This is an Affiliate Link. At no expense to you, a small commission is earned if you use this link and donated to Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. ❤️)

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