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Registration for The  Life Book Creativity & Wellbeing Summit  is open!
LifeBook is a year-long well-being and creativity workshop hosted by Willowing Arts, and the LifeBook Creative Summit is a free event designed to create excitement for and showcase the workshop.

Tamara Laporte own Willowing Arts and interviews a wide range of Life Book 2020 Teachers for the Summit and I’m one of the speakers. I’m  also a teacher on Life Book 2020 next year – this will be my 7th time participating in Life Book. I have been there from the start! But I had to skip a couple of years when I was working on my first book and art supply collection ( that was an intense time- lol!!)

Not only is this Summit filled with inspiring interviews with amazing artists, but  each interviewee also provide a FREE creativity & wellness activity for you that you can access for 2 weeks.

The Summit is filled with inspiring interviews, art sessions, meditations and wellbeing activities to help you get present and connected to the healing power of your creativity.


When you attend the Life Book Creativity & Wellbeing Summit you are able to

• Listen to sessions in your own time!

• Join our Facebook Group with like-minded people from all over the world!

• Enjoy the Summit from the comfort of your own home!

• Play, make mistakes, be fabulous or sad, it’s all welcome and ok on the summit! You are

accepted just as you are!

• Enjoy free art & wellbeing activities!

For my free activity we’ll do a creative warm up technique that I use to get the art-ball rolling!

join in here

It’s completely FREE so join us now by reserving your seat HERE!

The Summit begins on September 16th
and runs for 2 weeks!

Life Book 2020 (which I’ll be teaching on!) will open registration on October 1st and guess what? If you join Life Book 2020 you’ll get life long access to the Summit content as well as a year of amazing art activities + a virtual gift bag filled with extras and goodies also!

More on this later, but keep an eye out for Life Book 2020 sign up details!


Join Us Now for The Life Book Creativity & Wellbeing Summit

See you there!







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