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Lifebook-2015-jane davenport 221 (1)My lesson goes up for Lifebook in this coming week. I always feel part excited, part nervous at the time approaches before my lesson appears in a collaborative class.

Maybe this is because I know not everyone doing the class knows who I am, what I teach or how I teach. When people sign up to do my classes in my own school, they have usually seen me in action in one of my preview videos. So they know what to expect ( a little bit of giggling cray-cray, lots of art, lots of art supplies, lots of  colour, and the jungle noises… oh, and the occasional doglette appearances)  and they join in if they like what they see unfold.

In a collaborative class, this will be the first time some people ever see me in action (and in an event the size of Lifebook, that’s a lot of people!). So when I produce my lesson I try not to think about that. I shake off thoughts of  judgement and talk to my ‘peeps’ as usual. I picture some of my students-now-friends ( I have lots of those and its the coolest thing ever!) sitting there with me and talk to my camera as if they are there in the room.

Does pre-judging how people may judge you freeze you up? It certainly can if I let it. But I work to not let those inner voices and worries of not being perfect, not being good enough, not living up to expectation and other self-derailing whispers  get a hold of me. They serve no purpose. It’s just misery-making, irrational fears. … and ain’t nobody got time for that!

It’s ridiculous to try and ‘please all the people all the time’, right? So, rather than wait, chewing my nails for the reaction when my lesson appears, I choose to trust that the people that are in tune with me, and me with them, they will love my lesson.

And if that doesn’t include everyone, then that’s ok. It’s totally ok not to be infallible! As a teacher, all I need do is aim for being most helpful in an engaging and inspiring way. I know how to do that.

Drawing on the Inner World:
And I don’t mind telling you it is comprehensive and a whole lot of colour and fun!Feb- jane davenport 225
Here’s to everyone who has been on the  Lifebook journey for a few years with me.
Here’s to everyone who joined for the first time this year.
Here’s to Tam for creating Lifebook!
Here’s to us all!

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  • Shirley Mannocci

    Not sure how to join, but please explain and I will be ever grateful. I am enjoying all your classes and techniques, the tools and supplies are so rewarding to learn and I am becoming more proficient daily as I practice. Thank you Jane. ciao, Shirley Mannoccci

    • Jane Davenport

      Hi Shirley, see right above the comments it says ‘Register here’ click on that and follow the prompts. you will be signed up in no time!

  • Kate

    Isn’t it funny how our minds play games with us. I think you had the best attitude about it all – I always find that returning to the idea of truly helping or teaching people calms my fears. (Though I have totally blundered my way through a live class once!)

  • Terry Honstead

    Jane, I just read your blog for the first time after I saw your lesson on Life book . This is my first time on Life book, so I am one of those that do not know you….. yet!! I was so surprised to hear you say you were nervous! You were so wonderful, I never would have guessed it! I love your work, and can hardly wait to learn more when I get my book that I already ordered. I knew I would like it when I saw a sample of your work and ordered it because my goal for the year is to learn how to draw faces and figures with ease. I see that you are very good at that!! Thank you for the wonderful lesson and for being the wonderful you that you are!!

  • Naomi

    Hi Jane!
    I *just* got your book and this is my first year in LifeBook so I’m SUPER excited to check out your lesson. I love your art and I’m sure the lesson with be nothing but inspiring <3

  • Barbara

    Jane–if you didn’t get nervous, it would mean you didn’t care. You are confident, but not over-confident, and that is a good thing, because once you become over-confident as a teacher, it becomes more about you and less about the student. And then, everyone suffers. As you know, the teacher who is confident and yet humble, learns as much from her students as they learn from her–it is an exchange of knowledge, energy and love. When someone becomes over-confident, they feel they have nothing to learn from their students and that once two-way exchange becomes a one way exchange, and less energy and love pass back and forth between the individuals in the relationship.

    That’s one of the things I like about you as a teacher and a person–you understand that teaching is a relationship and you are open with your students and that exchange of knowledge and energy goes back and forth and all around. It’s amazing to watch and to be a part of.

    I understand about the nerves, though. I used to teach cooking classes for adults near Washington, DC. I specialized in Asian cuisines: Chinese, Thai and Indian, mostly. And I would get so nervous the night before a class would start that I couldn’t sleep. And after I saw who was taking my first classes, I was even more nervous, because most of my students were employed by NASA, or the myriad of computer tech companies that surround the capitol city or one of the many intelligence agencies. They were all really smart people. And it scared me at first.

    But, I ended up having fun with them, and learning from them, and they had fun with me and learned from me. It was a great experience–but even after I knew my students, the night before a class started–I’d still be a little nervous. And that was good.

    It kept me humble and open and it ended up making me a better teacher, because it was just enough to keep me grounded, but not enough to paralyze me.

  • Lucia

    Hi Jane!
    I’m enrolled in the of your workshops,trying to practice when I can and life lets me!!!
    So nice to have another lesson from you!i got to find life book through you and I’m really greatful because this is an amazing experience!
    We will have lots of fun and learn a lot from you for sure!

  • Lynne Gibb

    hi Jane – I did your Mermaids and Circuses class a couple of years ago and LOVE your style. I also did Lifebook 14 and completed your popup activity (I didn’t manage to complete many but I completed that one 🙂 am going to do all of them soon. Really looking forward to seeing what delights you have cooked up for us this year 🙂

  • Susan

    This is my first year in LifeBook. I am also new to the world of mixed media. I have heard your name whispered (as much as it can be ‘whispered’ online) about how good you are and how nice you are in person. So, in typical Susan fashion, I scope out the artists that are teaching and can I say….my jaw has dropped. I am so excited for tomorrow.!!! I truly am blessed to be part of this group and……oh my… I going to be able to sleep tonight????

    Count me in as one of your devoted followers 🙂

  • Cristina

    I am so excited for your lesson and from what I see, holy wow is it going to be awesome?!?!?!?!!? Can’t wait!!! You are one of three artists on Life Book that I added to my calendar 😉 I have only seen you on a few video clips and am eager to take a lesson from you.

  • Jeanne granger

    Jane, I am in awe of your talent and the way you share so much vis a vis how you create. Your magic. Have learned so so much from you. love your classes and your book. Thanks for sharing you with us!

  • Petra

    Dear, Dear Jane, I am defenitly in tune with you! I so much like your art and lessons! Can’t wait to get yours next week in lifebook 2015. In the mean time I read your book drawing faces, I so so love it! Want to do the lessons to, but therfore I have to save Some money. So….Dear Jane Relax! I’m Sure that many lifebookprojects Will love you and your lifebooklesson. I surrely do! Sending you much love from Holland. Do you come sometime Here? Would love to meet you in person!

  • JaneAnn Harper

    Holy Smoke, precious lady……. YOU are just the cutest EVER…. How could anyone NOT be THRILLED getting to see you in action!!! You are adorable, amazing, over-the-top talented and so generous with sharing that talent and your techniques. I am so blessed by my time with you and Angus in Paris….. I can’t imagine anyone not being thrilled with your lesson…. Thank you so very much for participating in LifeBook!! I send love……. jane ann

  • Stacha Conboy

    If it’s the first time they get to share the experience of you I am guessing it will end the same way it did with all of us who have experienced your classes… With love for your joy, generous sharing of talent and positive encouragement… Of this I have no doubt…the fact that you even worry about that is indicative of your strong desire to add value to others creative journey…which you do automatically by simply being who you are!

    • Jane Davenport

      That’s the way to turn a worry it into a big positive Stacha – i love it!

  • Joanne Martinson

    Jane ~ although I’m not doing Lifebook this year, I know that it was my past time doing it that brought me to you! What a blessing that was!! My art, my love of art supplies has been inspired. Meeting you last year was been just awesome, and it is a great feeling to have a kindred spirit across the globe from me!! Smooches my mermaid sister!

  • Annette Parsons

    I am beyond excited about your class. I have your book and just can’t wait! I have been counting the weeks on this one!

  • An Telly

    Thanks for sharing this, Jane. You always encourage us to be brave and trust ourselves and it’s cool to know that you really understand what courage it takes to trust in what and who you are. And anyone who woudn’t ADORE a Jane art lesson? Pffffff. Can’t even imagine that!

  • Your lesson is the one I am most excited about!! You’re awesome, Jane! 🙂

  • Cary Scholes

    do you mean to tell me even DANGER gets nervous? So glad to hear it….and so happy to call Danger a friend! Mwah! Can’t wait for the lesson!

    • Jane Davenport

      You didn’t know I was a human? ROFL!!! I just try not to let those self-depreciating thoughts get too much of a foot in the door. Shake ’em off and go read comments in my Facebook Groups. they are always so happy and joyful!

  • Cathy

    I am so excited for your lesson Jane!!! It is a dream come true to have a lesson with you! ♥

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