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‘Unicorn’ White Paint Set | Seven Magical white nibs!

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Loves dark and light papers!
Smooth writing and opaque ink
skin safe and non-toxic
5 pens, 7 nibs!
Waterproof when dry!

These five superb white paint pens, aptly named for their unique qualities, offer an array of different nibs to transform your artistic visions into reality

With 7 different of nib sizes and shapes, each Unicorn Pen in this collection provide opportunities for expression, allowing you to create intricate details, bold strokes, and everything in between. Whether you’re sketching, outlining, writing, or highlighting, there’s a pen in this set to suit every need and style.

But what truly sets the Unicorn Pens apart is their ability to deliver opaque coverage on a multitude of surfaces, from paper to canvas to wood and beyond. Their magical white pigment ensures that your creations stand out with bold brilliance, while their quick-drying formula guarantees a flawless finish without smudges or smears and a smooth, consistent flow of paint.

As a white pen aficionado, I can guarantee that these will help unlock new realms of imagination and drawing prowess!

Unicorn paint Pens contain a fluid acrylic ink that dries to a permanent and waterproof finish.

They look fantastic on light, colourful and dark papers

  • Tippy Toes- a super fine brush tip in our no-shake formula
  • Brush Musical Marker- shake to mix the super- opaque white ink
  • Duet Musical Marker- a large firm Bullet and PinPoint nib in one pen . shake to mix the super- opaque white ink
  • Bullet PaintOver- versatile round tip in our no shake formula
  • Dotty Paintover- a fabulous dotting nib and a flexible brush nib in our no -shake formula!




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What Jane says

As a white pen aficionado, I must give a little warning, I am prone to going ga-ga over white pens. I feel (know!) that they help unlock the secrets to highlights and expand drawing prowess! So when I say that these 5 new white paint pens are like Unicorns in my pencil case, i want you to know that I am not exagerating!

What you might like to know

Highly pigmented ink that mixes and dries quickly to produce a very durable opaque finish on almost all surfaces!

  • No Mess-no Stress: Enjoy creating art projects on a variety of surfaces like: paper, acrylic paint, rocks, stone, metal, pottery, treated smooth wood, plastic, cardboard, canvas, fabric, polymer clay, card stock, glass and more!
  • Please keep from direct contact with food.
  • Non-toxic, No Odor  
  • conforms to ASTM D-4236 and EN-71 safety standards.
Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 6 cm

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