FRIDAuary creative prompts!

The FRIDAUARY creative prompts are here! It starts on Feb 1st. Thank you to my Happiness Helpers, Kerry Sinigaglia and Cary Cutler Scholes for input on our fabulous prompts. ❤️ [...]

Viva Frida

My Trip to Mexico City was a life-changer. Being that close to my hero, Frida Kahlo, was a dream come true. But She was just part of the fun.  Even flying in to Mexico City, I could see the extra [...]

Frida is an Emotion

I have a review on the new Distress Stain Sprays over at the Cloth Paper Scissors blog today. Do you really need more sprays? Probably not, I know I don’t! But I have Rainbowitis, and the [...]

Frida Koahlo News

‘Frida Koahlo’ was a lovely little koala bear that visited my garden. If you followed her story you will know that it did not have a happy ending for her. But I feel that her story [...]

Long live Frida Koalho

I haven’t had a koala in the garden for a while. I don’t think my trees are part of their winter route. But I started dreaming about a koala being in the garden at the beginning of [...]

My life right now:

This is the Frida Kahlo ‘altar’ in my studio. I’m wishing for Frida Koahlo ( ‘my’ rescued koala) to be well soon and home in her trees in my garden in a few weeks.

Artomology Workshop at The Nest overlooking Byron Bay

Artomology Mixed Media Workshop Date: Saturday and Sunday, November 24 and 25 Time: 10 to 4.30 each day cost: $420 includes a $25 Materials Fee. At The Nest: Jane’s House and Studio [...]