Viva Frida

My Trip to Mexico City was a life-changer. Being that close to my hero, Frida Kahlo, was a dream come true. But She was just part of the fun.  Even flying in to Mexico City, I could see the extra [...]

Frida is an Emotion

I have a review on the new Distress Stain Sprays over at the Cloth Paper Scissors blog today. Do you really need more sprays? Probably not, I know I don’t! But I have Rainbowitis, and the [...]

Frida Koahlo News

‘Frida Koahlo’ was a lovely little koala bear that visited my garden. If you followed her story you will know that it did not have a happy ending for her. But I feel that her story [...]

My life right now:

This is the Frida Kahlo ‘altar’ in my studio. I’m wishing for Frida Koahlo ( ‘my’ rescued koala) to be well soon and home in her trees in my garden in a few weeks.