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My Trip to Mexico City was a life-changer. Being that close to my hero, Frida Kahlo, was a dream come true.
But She was just part of the fun. Mexico- Viva Frida-janedavenport 362

Even flying in to Mexico City, I could see the extra colour.

Mexico- Viva Frida-janedavenport 243Mexico- Viva Frida-janedavenport 303My trip organiser was Kathie Vezzani. We have known each other online for quite some time, from my very first online classes, so it was like meeting a trusted friend right from the get-go. Here we are eating Churro’s – they are like cripsy donuts, so obviously very healthy ( I wish!) .Oh how I would like one right now!!!


The central focus of the trip was always Frida Kahlo. The first day of the retreat was hers.Mexico- Viva Frida-janedavenport 259

Mexico- Viva Frida-janedavenport 260

On display in the Museo Frida Kahlo, or the Blue House’ as it is also called, are many of the paintings Frida and Diego kept for themselves. Personal pieces.  Seeing these small artworks  drew me closer.The first thing that struck me was just how small much of Frida’s work was.



Mexico- Viva Frida-janedavenport 264And of all the artwork, this unfinished painting resonated with me most. She has drawn herself in bed, but looking relaxed and at ease.

Mexico- Viva Frida-janedavenport 261Another favourite was the watermelon painting. The juicy colours, the text in the slice. The loose, expressive brush work. Plus I love watermelon. Mexico- Viva Frida-janedavenport 262Amongst the displays was correspondence and fragments of a life passionately lived. Mexico- Viva Frida-janedavenport 263  Frida loved sending and receiving Happy Mail!Mexico- Viva Frida-janedavenport 265

The highlight was seeing where my Frida created much of her artwork. Her pigments and brushes. Her palette and Tabaret.

Mexico- Viva Frida-janedavenport 269 Mexico- Viva Frida-janedavenport 267Mexico- Viva Frida-janedavenport 270

And lining the walls were her treasures.Mexico- Viva Frida-janedavenport 268Gifts and collected object D’art and books….Mexico- Viva Frida-janedavenport 271     The room next to her studio contained  a sunroom with butterflies above her bed. A gift from a lover so she could feel free when incapacitated.

Mexico- Viva Frida-janedavenport 273And then her small bedroom . Mexico- Viva Frida-janedavenport 272

And the great woman herself. In that strange urn.Mexico- Viva Frida-janedavenport 274I wonder if she sat on these stairs with her menagerie of deer, dogs and monkeys? Mexico- Viva Frida-janedavenport 275 Mexico- Viva Frida-janedavenport 276

In a  separate part of the museum was a display of Frida’s personal effects. here is one of her decorated plaster corsets.Mexico- Viva Frida-janedavenport 277And her prosthletic limb. Mexico- Viva Frida-janedavenport 278 What kind of miracle was she? So much style and panache even in the face of personal tragedy.
On one boot she has bells tied to the laces. On the other a blue velvet ribbon. I have no doubt that each was important to her, that each had meaning and purpose as to being placed there.  Mexico- Viva Frida-janedavenport 282Everything about her says “Here I am”.   Mexico- Viva Frida-janedavenport 279
Look!Mexico- Viva Frida-janedavenport 280

Regard.Mexico- Viva Frida-janedavenport 281

Notice me.Mexico- Viva Frida-janedavenport 283


Seeing Frida’s life so closely, so personally, swept me away on an inner journey that I have been feeling ever since. I dress each day with purpose. I look at my clothing, my accessories, my lipstick as a creative expression. I came home and cleared my wardrobe of the black smocks I have spent most of the last decade in. All to make way for the beautiful, fanciful, adorned clothing I found on the rest of my trip to Mexico City and the USA.

I joined the ‘Wear Your Joy Project’ and am reveling in mindfully selecting my clothing each morning. What happiness it is bringing me! You can join me on my Instagram account to see my shenanigans!


I’ll be back with more images and fun from Mexico City this week!


Jane/ Danger

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  • Jane Sloan

    Wow wow wow. I never knew how amazing Frida’s house is. Thanks so much for sharing your pics and also reminding me that it’s time to get rid of my black wardrobe and fill it with joyful colour!!

  • Jo

    Thank you for sharing your trip with us Jane! You’ve inspired me to learn more about Frida and her art.

  • Judy Friedkin

    Funny, I just read an article about this very topic with some of the same photos in it (sans you in the mirror!)

  • Michele

    thanks Jane, these are amazing photos of your trip. I feel like I am there as well. Look forward to more.

  • Karla Douglass

    Jane! Thank you so much for sharing those pics of Frida’s life.! Amazing and inspiring!
    Hugs to you!

  • Tracy Temple

    Thank you so much for sharing your visit to Frieda’s
    Casa Azul. I have adored her for all my life and have
    collected all the books about her and about her collections
    of wonderful things. How blessed you are to visit Mexico and
    how great it is to have your perspective on it all. Love your
    work and your classes!

  • Janis Hughes

    Such an interesting woman…I really haven’t read anything about her but will now. Thanks for sharing!

  • Madge

    Oh, thank you so much for sharing these photos. Just seeing them has brought tears to my eyes. What a marvelous world Frida was able to see and share, in between the pain and tragedy she suffered. A great soul, to be sure.

  • Liz Lumsden

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us! I love Frida too and admire her life story. I hope some day to be able to visit her museum and see the wonders for myself!

  • Donna Walsh

    Thanks for showing us you trip photos Jane, they are great
    We can travel virtually through your eyes xx

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