Epic Pen tips, a whirling rainbow and Moonglow.

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A little video on my favourite pen in the universe.
I love them so much I tracked these obscure pens down and imported them for my store from Japan.


In our sets we include the 4 extra ink cartridges because, well, you will need them because this pen will become your favourite pen too!

Or in the USA click the image to get it from Amazon:

frida Forever

That pen makes my heart throb. Like mad.

And the Daniel Smith Primatek watercolors are having the same effect… especially Luna Blue, Kyanite and Moonglow ( click the image to get your hands on some Moonglow!)

Daniel Smith is available worldwide, so a Google search will turn up a local retailer. But I’ll have some special news and color recommendations coming up soon…

I have been working on lots of new work and planning my next two workshops. I am nearly ready to spill the beans on them both… but there are clues everywhere!

If you follow me on Instagram you saw this little beauty whirling around…

What I have been playing with lately...

I’ll just test it out a bit more before I tell you all about it – but hello! magical…


Jane / Danger


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  • Trish

    Just by pure coincidence I happen to buy this exact pen when I was in Japan,
    and I had no idea how to put it together. Thank you so much for this video and I am so happy to know I can get more from your shop because I am loving it.

  • Renee Zarate

    Hi Jane, I just ordered the pen and cartridges! Can’t wait!! Thanks for the Amazon link.
    Hugs to you ~ Renee xx

  • Chris

    Love the pen! Can and/or would you refill the cartridges with say acrylic or other ink?

    • Jane Davenport

      Its the ink that makes it special Chris, and the nib is built to handle the carbon molecules. But you could try!

  • Melanee

    The link doesn`t work over the pen to go to Amazon. Would you send me a link,Thank you for sharing. Melanee

  • Lisa S

    I use mine almost daily – the cartridge lasts a long time.
    I adore your always fantastic art.

  • Jude Smith

    I love the sound of the pen, as we used fountain pens all the time before the biro came in. Can you get them (the cartridges in different colours?) Jane. I will be looking at the new watercolours as well, can’t have too many. I am also looking forward to you new book coming out as I am unable to go to any of your classes because of my back. Love Light and Laughter to you Jane.

    • Jane Davenport

      it’s only in black because its the carbon molecules that make the ink so amazing. I would like a payne’s grey and a sepia … but not to be.

  • Marysu (who loves you hugely)

    This pen IS Epic!! I have always had just the tinest pen addiction ever since high school actually, and I have mourned my olden days cartridge pens for years!! It was all worth it to get to this pen!! And Moonglow?? Cascade Green??? Even just the Neutral Tint has such depth and range for playing ! The Daniel Smith paints are over the moon and back!! Now I am a hugely happy girl, too!!

    • Jane Davenport

      and the Lunar colours….and the Mayan – and all the Primateks… they make my hands happy!

  • Bonnie Smith

    looks really awesome Jane! i used to love cartridge pens growing up…looks like a very special one indeed! thanks for sharing it with us:)

  • Annette Rosicka

    Great idea with the video, I bought my pen a while back and spent ages trying to work it out.
    Thank goodness my son is a genius. The pen is awesome by the way. I love it.
    Any chance of any other colours?

    • Jane Davenport

      I’ve been meaning to organise it for a few weeks – finally did it!

  • Jane Davenport

    seriously – i am having too much fun with all my watercolors!

  • Kerry Sinigaglia

    EPIC indeed. I am loving mine Jane. Love the watercolours you’re playing with. And mmm-mm-mmmmm. Those colours…..delicious.

    • Jane Davenport

      the color is one thing… but they granulate and do the strangest, most beautiful watermarks… heaven in a tube lol!

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