Lots to do!

Angus and I are just back from the Craft Show in Sydney…

I love talking to people about Art Journals and drawing ( and art supplies of course!). I am always a little surprised that not everyone in the Universe hasn’t discovered the delights of Art/ Visual Journaling… I must constantly remind myself that I only started 18 months ago…I can’t believe that … love it so much!

This is my to do list for the next two weeks before we head off again to the Melbourne International Flower Show with my Photographic Art, and then the Sydney Royal Easter Show:

1. Finish filming my “Frolicaholic” mini workshop for 21 Secrets ( I have filmed a whole journal for this, 12 hours of raw footage- that’s a lot! And the Journal is kind-of aaaaa-maaaaay-zing… I had a ball making it and went all mad-creative … So glad I have it all on film!).

2. Edit FrolicAholic – this takes longer than making the journals! In my wild fantasies I have a some fairies that come in and just do this for me. I wish we had the Intern system in Australia that the USA has.  Anyone want some work experience that just happens to be a web guru and budding movie maker?! Must be talented, work under own steam, Love Apple Macs and live near Byron Bay!…

jane davenport

3. Create a Frolicaholic worksheet PDF and upload to the 21 Secrets site. I need to scan the oversized journal ( yep, need those work experience/Intern fairy!).  Click here for class info

And then!

4. I need to Film my Tool workshop for LifeBook... I am really super- amped to get cracking on my plans for this! LifeBook has been pretty darn cool so far, and I want to really make my class super awesome , so I am bringing my A game baby!

5. Edit said Tool Workshop and upload etc….. I’m not ready to spill the beans yet on what I am doing… but it’s gonna make all the Lifebookers SCREAM with DELIGHT… well that’s my aim!

And then…..

6. Create the Invitation Video for Joynal, my next major workshop… Which is creating your own Fairy Tales. I have BIIIIIIIIIIG plans, humongous, amazingness in store…The weird thing about making the invite and promotional video, is that I haven’t made the actual class yet. I work a week or so ahead of my lovely students as it runs Live for the first time. So I have no footage as such… But , I’ll work it out, I always do!

There’s more to do, but that’s enough for the next two weeks. I am going through a very creative zone right now. I have to watch I don’t get overwhelmed or insomnia- ridden. I want to get all my movies and artwork done before the big shows, but I want to have energy and not arrive at them tired and ragged!

For the last three years I have gotten really ill in the last week of the Royal Show, and I am determined to finish as strongly as I start this year!

So please wish me well in getting all this off my To-do list and on to my “Ta-Dah” list!


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