The Jane Davenport Mixed Media Collection

The JD MM collection is full of surprises and so is the FREE workshop Jane has created to celebrate the launch!

A gift from my heart to yours!

I wanted to create something that not only showcased every part of my Mixed Media Collection with American crafts, but also showed you tips, techniques and the inspiration behind each item. My intention with this free workshop is for you to use it as a springboard for your own ideas and imaginings! It’s only just started and a new lessons added each week!


A FREE Video Series unveiling the secrets of  Jane D Mixed Media!

I want you to be endlessly inspired to create your own expressive, meaningful art!


If this is your first workshop with me – Welcome! I hope you love the experience and you join me for more of my workshops.


If you are a Davenpeep (a term of endearment for someone who loves doing my workshops!), then you already know the fun and learning skills to expect from me.


We will be diving into a whirlpool of new techniques showcasing my very own art supplies. It is my hope that this free workshop will give you inspiration to fuel your personal artistic growth.

Innovative art supplies to nurture creativity!

Every element of my new art supplies collection has been designed to inspire and support your creativity!

To accompany the collection I have a FREE video series workshop to share the fun ways to use everything. I hope you join us!

What do you need?

You can purchase the Jane Davenport Mixed Media Collection on this site – or go to Michaels in the USA and Canada!

You learn, have fun and save $!!

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