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Will you join Toto and I as we dance down the Yellow Brick Road? Our next GRAND ARTventure is based on the rich story and archetype characters from the Wizard of Oz.  I hope you will dive into the creative tornado with wicked witchesand the occasional flying house to land in MixedMediaMunchkin Land! With we will be working on creating beautiful faces and figures in a non-stop whimsical adventure somewhere over the rainbow.
Dorothy, the Scarecrow and a plethora of flying Monkeys await!

Registration open now!
8 week Live workshop
Class starts on January 3oth.
Learn a new swathe of creativity techniques!
The focus is drawing, painting and Mixed Media ( ie – everything!)

The course structure will follow The Wizard of Oz movie (my favourite of all time!).
Lesson 1 – We meet Dorothy in Black & White…
Lesson 2 – The Creative Tornado!
Lesson 3 – Yellow Brick Road – Your creative path
Lesson 4 –  Scarecrow – Scatter Brain to Composition .
Lesson 5 –The Tin Man’s Heart.
Lesson 6 – The Cowardly Lion  – ” Lions and Tigers and Bears – Oh my! ”
Lesson 7 – “I’ll get you My Pretty!”:  The Wicked Witch and Flying Monkeys
Lesson 8 –The Ruby Slippers – You had the Power all along!
I hope you join the flying monkeys and I!

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